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If you legally own a copy of a CD purchased from music store is it illegal to download it from a p2p service or a bit torrent?

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It is actually legal to download almost anything on the net, although it is illegal to distribute or sell the things you download for profit. That's the borderline and a lot of people get confused by saying that it is illegal to download anything in general.

2007-11-05 20:20:07
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Where can you download songs Legally?

Through iTunes, or a paid music subscription service

Is vuze legal?

No, Vuze is not a legal file sharing program. The service itself is not illegal to use, but the content is illegal to download.

How do you download avatar all the epesodes?

You can legally download these for a small fee from's Unboxed service. They are licensed to sell episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender.

How do you download movies from movieshack?

Movieshack is a video rental service. You don't 'download' movies from a DVD, and copying the movie from the DVD would be illegal.

Does it cost to download songs from LimeWire to an iPod?

Limewire and file-sharing services are legal. You can download music for free from the service but you should not download copyright protected music, as that is illegal.

How can you download flash legally?

To download Adobe Flash Player legally, go to the official site of Adobe Updates, downloads and service information can all be found here. Simply click on the "download" link and let the application run until it has notified you that the player has successfully been installed on your computer.

How do you download internet games?

You can download internet games by visiting game service sites like Steam. Some games must be purchased while other can be downloaded or tried for free.

How do you legally download videos from YouTube to an MP3 player?

You shall not download any Content unless you see a "download" or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content. Unless a download link is present for a YouTube video, it is against the YouTube Terms of Use to download videos/soundtracks from YouTube.

Where can one download the Vista Service Pack 2 for free?

You can go to the Microsoft website and possible download the Vista Service Pack 2 for free, since it is a Service Pack and not actual software. However, you could also use a torrent site, but this is probably illegal and could be riddled with viruses.

Can you hack rumble fighter for carats?

Yes, BUT ITS ILLEGAL!!! Edit: its not illegal, you can find carat hacks Edit: Any hacking of any type is against the terms of service you agreed to when you download RF Edit: It is not actually "illegal" but will get you banned.

Is it illegal to download videos off YouTube?

No, it is perfictly legal. However, it would be breaching the Terms of Service of YouTube, so they can ban you if they wish.

Can you download xbox 360 games through torrents?

You can, but it requires either a pay to use service or a lot of technical know-how, but it is also illegal.

Talktalk broadband download speeds?

You should go to their website an see what packages TalkTalk offers for broadband download speeds. If it was me, I'd also look on the web for reviews of the service to see if others are actually getting the download speeds they purchased.

Where can one download The Three Stooges' movie?

One can download and watch the "Three Stooges" movie online legally on websites such as Service Movie, Netflix, Fandago, Movie 25, My Vue or Watch 32.

Where can one find a free download of the song Deserted by Blind Melon?

You can use sites such as Youtubedownloader or Youtube-MP3. Both allow you to download songs from Youtube videos. If you want to download them legally, I would suggest Trialpay or some other service similar.

Is it illegal to refuse emergency service to someone without healthcare?

It is illegal to refuse emergency medical service, even if the person is an illegal immigrant

How do you download from we7 on to iTunes?

we7 is a music streaming service it does not provide downloads. To use the music outside the we7 site you will need to click the buy button you can then download the purchased song and use it wherever you wish.

Is limewirecom legal?

LimeWire is a legal file-sharing program. Using it to share or download copyrighted files such as music, is illegal and violates the LimeWire Terms of Service.

How do you look up a CD key for a video game on the internet?

You would contact customer service for the company that made your game. As long as you legally purchased the game, they will usually replace your key for you.

Where do i get a Honda mower hr214 service manual?

Go to the Honda website and download the PDF. It is a scanned version of the original. The above answer is fine for the owner's manual, but does not cover the service manual. The service manual can be purchased from various sites online (I bought mine from

How much does a Pantech cell phone cost?

On Amazon: Pantech Breeze II: $0.01 (when purchased with a new service plan) Pantech Pursuit: $0.01 (when purchased with a new service plan) Pantech Impact P7000: $0.01 (when purchased with a new service plan) Pantech C530 Slate: $112.00 Pantech Ease: $0.01 (when purchased with a new service plan)

Is it possible to connect free internet legally via my digital cable service?

Even though you have digital cable you will not be able to hook up your cable modem to it and get internet services without having purchased that service. The company has to set it up in a specific way and turn on that specific service in order for you to use it.

Where can one download the latest Windows XP service pack?

You can download the latest Windows XP service pack online from the service pack center section of the official Microsoft website. Enter in your windows and you can download the latest service pack. Alternatively, you can also download the latest service pack directly from Windows Update Center.

Is there a site where you can get free High-Speed Internet that isn't illegal or hacking?

No. No. High-speed Internet isn't a file you download. It's delivered by the internet service provider. You get what you pay for.

What is the Best music and movie download service?

Well you can use Limewire or Frostwire but there is only one problem! The music,movies and images you get of there are copyright and illegal! You may want to look for some other site to download stuff like that. Well you can use Limewire or Frostwire but there is only one problem! The music,movies and images you get of there are copyright and illegal! You may want to look for some other site to download stuff like that.