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It depends on what the contract says. If you have a verbal contract, it's not worth the paper it's written on.

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Q: If you lent money to someone to buy a store and they are not repaying you can you take their business?
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What business degree is needed to open a clothing store?

If you want to open the store yourself, you don't need any kind of degree, though you do need the money to invest. Of course that does not mean a degree wouldn't help you know how to run the store and not lose all of your money. If you want someone else to invest in your store, you need to convince them that you will run the store properly and not lose all of their money. A business degree, plus a really good business plan that shows you know what you are doing would help. If you want to get a job managing a clothing store for someone else, different stores have different requirements, you have to ask them.

Why don't you have money?

if you dont have money you can work for someone or you can go to a store to work resterants or shcool or a shoe store

What is it that the Money Store does?

The Money Store is a payday loans business. They can offer money advances to people in need of cash. They are dangerous because they often take up 20% of one's paycheck.

What if you dont have money?

you don't have money because live is not fair and you have to earn money to get money also you can put is this way if you dont have money you can work for someone or you can go to a store to work resterants or shcool or a shoe store

Do you do start business loans. I have no collateral and I do not have money invested. Its just me and the idea for the store.?

No you can only get a business loan with something down.

How do you get the money to open a clothing store?

Most business owners often apply for business loans with intentions of starting a new business, clothing stores included.

How do you open a doll store?

If I were you I would start out small and get someone good with money!!!!!!:)

How much money would it cost to start a music store business?

How much money it would cost to start a music store business varies with the type of business. An online business might only take 8000 dollars or so to start. A brick and mortar business would take at least 20,000 dollars with a small amount of inventory and a location in an area with decent traffic.

How do you open an antique store without money?

You don't. You might be able to get a business loan, but you can't open a store without at least some money, and there will be a period when you're getting established that more money will be going out than coming in.

how does providing excellent customer service benefit in the store?

It benefits the business by having customers come back, thus making more money. It also keeps customers loyal to the store for they know that if they have any problems with any of themerchandise, the store has their back. By keeping loyal customers, the business once again earns more money.

Business plan of a liquor store?

what is the nature of a clothing store business

What are typical start up costs for a small retail business wine store?

Some typical start up costs for a retail store includes the cost of inventory, rent and employee salaries. The amount of money you will need to get your business started varies depending on the type of business you will start.

What paper work do you need to start a beauty supply store?

it requires lots of paper work dedication and money but if your business is sucsessful you will get all your money back and more

How much money does a t-mobile store manager make?

Depending on location and business of the store, a t-mobile manager has the potential to make between $40,000 and $80,000.

What do you need to open up a corner store?

You need a business license to open up a corner stores. You also need a space to open your business and money to do so as well.

When was The Business - record store - created?

The Business - record store - was created in 1978.

How do you get cigarettes when im 15?

stand outside of a convenience store and have extra money on hand to bribe someone at the entrance to get them for you

How do you get free money on PSP store?

how do you get free money on the psp store

What was the name of Ebenezer Scrooge's business?

It was called "Scrooge and Marley's" and wasn't a store it was like a little bank that lent people money.

What kind of business you can do if you have 5 lakh rupees in India?

Money lending, small grocery shop,Small departmental store. Etc...

What is the relationship between business and accounting?

Almost every business involves the exchange of money in one way or another. If I go to the store, the owner had to buy the merchandise, then I pay for it and they have to pay their rent, employees, taxes, and many other costs. It is very important to keep careful track of all this money. The store has to make sure what they are earning is greater than the total cost of running their business. If not, they will have to close shop. They also have to plan for paying bills, and save money each month so they will have enough to pay taxes each year. They need to know they are making enough to pay their employees. And they need to make sure no one is stealing any money from the cash registers, and keep track of the cost of the merchandise that is stolen from the store. Keeping track of all this flow of money is called "accounting." In a small store, the shop owner may do the accounting themselves. If a business is large enough, they are able to hire an "accountant" to do the accounting. The larger the business the more accountants they may have. It is an essential part of running a business.

Why do you store energy?

I store energy to save money, and I store in order to save energy so someone else can use it (ex. if I were to save the energy, someone in the city may need it to cook food, but if I waste it, then imagine what would happen if we ran out, then that person may not have cooked food)

How do you store your money on oblivion?

There is no way of storing your money on oblivion. but there is also no need to store your money as well.

What mystery customers are?

Mystery customers is someone pretending to be a real customer for a store or a restaurant and secretly check things about the business such as customer service, cleanliness of the store and if the employee are doing their job right.

How do you start an online gun store that sells parts and accessories excluding lower receivers?

You will need lots of money and a good business plan.