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If you let someone with a suspended license drive your car in Ohio what are the consequences to you?


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2006-04-23 13:47:08
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You could loose your insurance, and future insurance could become very expensive.


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No, you can't drive if your license is suspended.

You can not drive with a suspended license legally in any state if they are suspended no matter where you are or where they were suspended

No, because your license was suspended and that means that you are not aloud to drive until it is renewed. If someone else is driving then you are OK.

You cannot drive in any state where your driver's license is suspended, regardless of which state suspended your license.

You can register it but someone else has to drive it.

You do not have a license, it has been suspended. You cannot drive anywhere without one.

No. If your privilege to drive is suspended, it is suspended for driving EVERYTHING.

No. A suspended license is suspended in the whole of the US.

No. A suspended license is suspended in all states and territories of the US.

No. A suspended license is suspended in all states.

No you cannot, if you are suspended in one state you are suspended in all states.

If you allow someone to drive your vehicle without a licence, you could have your licence suspended. It is illegal.

If those are the only occupants of the car then neither can drive legally.

No. When your license is suspended, so is your privilege to drive, period.

With a suspended license in IN will I be able to drive a 49 cc scooter in AZ?

No. Not only is your license suspended, but so is your very privilege to drive, on any license.

You can not rent/drive if your lic is suspended. You legally cant DRIVE!

Usually not. Even if you did, you would not be able to drive in the state where you are suspended. Your priviledge to drive in that state is suspended along with your license.

No. A suspended license means you can't drive anything, period.

Yes. With a suspended license the holder of the license cannot drive ANY vehicle. With a suspended registration only THAT vehicle may not be driven.

No. If you're suspended it makes no difference WHAT state you hold a license in.

No. If you are suspended in one state you are suspended in ALL states.

It is not legal to drive with a foreign driver\'s license in the US if you have a suspended Florida driver\'s license. You will need to resolve the suspension in order to drive legally.

yes, people should have their license suspended for life because it is a privalege to drive and if you kill someone or put people at risk for their death, you are taking away the trust to be allowed to drive.

No. Oregon has suspended your right to drive within Oregon. An out of state license does not change your suspension.

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