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i guess you can say that but if you lie about your age than once she sees you than shell know you lied to her and she wont be able to trust you and shell think of you differently than what she thought of you before and you may never know when shell catch on.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-16 21:45:17
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Q: If you lie to a girl about your age do that mean they like you?
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What to get a girl you like like?

Tell her you like her be honest cause girls hate boys that lie

How old do you have to be to join dofus?

you have to be 12 but of course you can lie about your age but no bad words are allowed ( but ppl say mean stuff like noob and stuiped and stuff like that )

How do you text the girl you like?

Ask who they like.. If its not you then say, why do you like him? Once she said why... Lie to her and say he's actually really mean and annoying etc, and get her to like you. If they say they like you, then say "well i like you to" .. then ask her out!!

Is it wrong for a high school junior girl to date a high school freshmen boy?

Age doesn't matter. If you like him for him, then date him! It's not lie anyone will care(:

How can you get an eighth grade girl to like you in seventh grade?

Just be nice to her and try to make her laugh but dont lie to her about your age then you'll be in trouble LOL In the end it doesant matter about age Hope THIS helped xD

Is it legal to lie about gmail age?

To lie is not legal at all. But people generally lie about gmail age. However it is not ethical to lie about it.

How can you understand if a girl likes you?

All u have to do is be nice to the girl u like and she will lie u in return. YW

Will a drunk girl lie?

most ppl lie regarless if dey drunk or not so ya a drunk girl will lie

What are some cute things to say to a girl you like?

Telle her what you like about her, but don't lie for the sake of complimenting her.

What an age to get a Facebook?

Jus lie about your age but if u over 13 or14 u don't have to lie about your age

What does imvu was unable to process your request mean?

Its because your not old enough you have to be 18+ or else you cannot get in! some people lie about there age but I dont lie

What type of girls just Justin Bieber like?

a girl with a great personality and a pretty smile and a girl who doesn't lie!

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