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i guess you can say that but if you lie about your age than once she sees you than shell know you lied to her and she wont be able to trust you and shell think of you differently than what she thought of you before and you may never know when shell catch on.


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Tell her you like her be honest cause girls hate boys that lie

Ask who they like.. If its not you then say, why do you like him? Once she said why... Lie to her and say he's actually really mean and annoying etc, and get her to like you. If they say they like you, then say "well i like you to" .. then ask her out!!

you have to be 12 but of course you can lie about your age but no bad words are allowed ( but ppl say mean stuff like noob and stuiped and stuff like that )

Age doesn't matter. If you like him for him, then date him! It's not lie anyone will care(:

Just be nice to her and try to make her laugh but dont lie to her about your age then you'll be in trouble LOL In the end it doesant matter about age Hope THIS helped xD

To lie is not legal at all. But people generally lie about gmail age. However it is not ethical to lie about it.

All u have to do is be nice to the girl u like and she will lie u in return. YW

Cuz he look like a old man!

Telle her what you like about her, but don't lie for the sake of complimenting her.

He didn't lie about he's age that's a rumor ...

Jus lie about your age but if u over 13 or14 u don't have to lie about your age

Its because your not old enough you have to be 18+ or else you cannot get in! some people lie about there age but I dont lie

your 10 so if i were you i would wait but its a good age to start flirting but i will answer you ok first try to talk with the girl and find things in commen DON'T LIE ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE AND DISLIKE DON'T LIE AT ALL! if you do and she finds out she will get mad so you should watch what girl your flirting with try and get her attention like dressing nicer but not to nice you don't want her to think you go over board try and hang around with the girl and p.e.,lunch,or if you have free time then if the girl starts flirting back that when you make your move but at this age their most likely is a wall between girls and boys so be the first one to break down the wall a girl and im 10!

a girl with a great personality and a pretty smile and a girl who doesn't lie!

Nothing.It is not illegal to lie about your age on the internet. It is illegal to lie to try to gain certain documents.

no it is not because if yuh really like the girl or boy you will do anything to get them no if u like them go along

A LoVeLy LiTtLe GiRl! that's a lie A LoVeLy LiTtLe GiRl! that's a lie

the old lie means, like my dog ate my homework or what everyone uses and everyone knows about.

no if you like the kid go date him it is just a little white lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any quistions call- 1-800-i lied

Every person is different, just because many boys like you does not mean they all do. Lying is a possibility but go by what he tells you.

so they can seem like their an older person then someone and to be eligible to get in.

tell her the truth. because if you lie again she probably wont ever talk to you ever again and you must like this girl if your asking a question on a website asking what you should do and i know you do so don't even try to lie (which you already have a problem with)

the meaning to the song you lie is that a guy is seeing other girl and lying about it to the other girl that he is with.

Why he should lie to you about that thing? If he says that he mean it.

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