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If you like guy and girls are you gay?


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Not necessarily. If you like guys and girls, you're bisexual.

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you a guy is guy when he doesn't like girls and wants to marry a boy

Girls can tell or know if a guy is gay by observing his behavior in a group of men.

A guy who is not gay and i mean he is not gay he likes women not men,so how a guy who like WOMEN with muscles can be gay come on there is a other name than that.

mostly because gay guys can be sweet and nice also girls wouldn't have to worry about a gay guy liking her or something if she has a boyfriend also some of them have good fashion sense and they can be like a girls best friend!

it means he /she likes girls/guys if he/she was gay it wud be like this guy/guy or girl/girl

YES! I mean (not to be sexist or whatever) im not a gay guy!

Well, he could be bi-curious and just not know how to express it. Or he could be gay. Or he has an anime fetish and he doesn't like the look of anime girls. I am gay and I knew I was gay from the get-go. There was no awkward in between like what this guy is experiencing but he is either bi-curious or gay. He is definitely not straight.

it means he is not gay cause all straight guys like girls kissing

If they're a guy who doesn't like girls, then he is a gay. If they're a girl who doesn't like guys, then she is a lesbian. Got that? :)

Because they are jealous that so many girls like him.

Nick Jonas is not gay. He likes girls as much as the next guy.

No they are not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, at every one likes the same kind of girls (or guys) if you like "tomboys" that doesn't make you gay, now if you think of her as a guy and you like her that might be gay, not that theres is anything wrong with being gay or bi.

Because straight boys are homophobic in other words they hate gays(note:not all straight boys hate gay boys), while gay girls are girls they are from the opposite sex so basically they would like girls but probably they would like straight girls better than gay girls.

Being gay is a sexual orientation; it has nothing to do with what others do. A guy is gay if he is sexually interested in other guys, and has little or no sexual interest in gals. The makeup thing sounds like it might be fun.

because gay friends are original. They don't compete with you. And when they are your friends, they are truly your friends.ResponseHonestly, because gay guy friends are usually just as effeminite as girls (the think the effeminity in gay men has something to do with hormones, and the reason they're gay), but they get to have a friend that's a guy, with no sexual tension is so gay.. More like bisexual, but it doesn't matter. It's just what you like. My Answer No, it's not gay. You are just wanting to explore your sexual side. It's a natural thing for guys. Unless you wish to be called gay then that's another story.

Absolutely not. You are gay if you feel that you are gay. There are no rules for what does and does not make you gay. You could have penetrative sex with another male and still be straight. Or you could have sex with a bunch of different girls, never have sex with a guy, and be gay. Go with whatever feels right to you.

It depends on your gender. If you are a boy and you like a boy, you are gay. If you are a girl and you like a girl, you are consider as gay.Second ResponseIf you just like one particular individual out of the whole gender, then that doesn't mean you are attracted to the gender, just that you are attracted to the person for what they are on the inside, and you have become physically attracted to them because of it.Breakdown:You are a guy, physically attracted to girls, and only one guy-you are straightYou are a guy, physically attracted to guys, and only one girl-you are gayYou are a girl, physically attracted to guys, and only one girl-you are straightYou are a girl, physically attracted to girls, and only one guy-you are gayOf course, you could be bisexual, but that's whole other thing. Message me if you need help with it all

Gay: when a guy has "interest" in other guys Lesbian: when a girl has "interest" in other girls

No, not at all. It is only gay if you are sexually attracted to other guys.

ok 1: Its called being bi sexual; liking boys and girls 2: Shes not dating a guy, she is ENGAGED Katy is NOT gay!! & yeah she DOES have a guy!! she is gay!

If a gay guy likes you and you are not gay, then nothing happens. If you are gay and you like him, you may want to tell him how you feel.

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