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Thursdays at 2:15 or 3pm (not sure). At the health dept. on Simpson ave 2100 block (across the street from Game Dawgs) It costs 10$.

2011-01-27 21:09:36
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Q: If you live in Aberdeen Washington and you need to get your food handlers permit for the first time where do you need to go and what times are available?
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Were do i get my food handlers permit at in laredo tx?

There is a few places you can get a food handlers permit in Laredo Texas. The easiest way would be to do it online.

Where you get food handle permit?

Food handlers must get a permit from the Health Department.

Do you need a food handlers permit for dominoes?

Yes, you do!

How do I get a food handlers permit?

Food handlers permit is really easy to get. You can find online videos and classes as well as at your local community college or adult school. Normally a pass is pretty cheap too.

How long does a Utah food handler's permit last?

how long does a utah food handlers permit last entil it expires

Do you need a food handlers permit to have a kids cooking class in your home?


Where can a 14 year old work in Oklahoma?

You can work at chic fil a and bruams. library's also hire. You defiantly can work, but you need your workers permit and a food handlers permit!

How do you get a Phoenix AZ Business Food Handlers Permit?

Each state has their own requirements. This website has a listing for every state:

How long do you have to have your drivers permit to get your drivers license in Washington state?

You have to hold a learner's permit for 6 months before you can get an intermediate license in Washington.

Do you need a food handlers permit to sell homemade canned goods?

depends which state in FL, HA, DC, NY, CO, CA its ok

How old do you have to be to get a learners permit in Tacoma Washington?


Can you own a owl in Washington?

No. You need a special permit.

Can you drive to and from work alone with a permit in the state of Washington?


Are tasers and/or pepper spray available for use in California without a permit?

Both tasers and pepper spray are available with a permit or license if you are over 18.

If you have a Washington State Driving permit can you drive in Hawaii?

No. Hawaii is one of the states which does not recognise an out-of-state learner's permit.

Can you drive to school alone with driver's permit in Washington State?

No. You cannot drive alone on a learner's permit, period.

Is it legal to own a raccoon in the state of Washington?

I think you have to have a permit

How do you get a food handlers permit in Maryland?

There are a variety of ways to recieve a food handlers or workers training for your food handler license or card. One way is to participate in an onsite class in a city or county that requires food handlers permits or cards. The other way is to take an online food handler certification class. A number of web sites offer accredited food handler classes certifications.

What are codes for building a deck in edmonds Washington?

A building permit may be needed for adding a deck or patio in Edmonds, Washington. The type of permit and codes depends on the height, location and construction of the deck.

What car insurance is available for person on learners permit?


Can you be 12 years old to get a food handlers permit?

Twelve is very young but the laws are different from place to place. It's not likely that you could at twelve, but check with you local licensing office.

What is the price of a learners permit in Washington?

i just got mine today and it was $20

How old do you have to be to get a drivers permit in Washington?

i think its 15-16. or go to

How old do you have to be to get a work permit in Gig Harbor Washington?

try using google

Is it illegal to carry a gun in Washington d.c?

It is illegal to own or carry a gun without both a gun owners permit and a carry permit. Washington DC has a fairly restrictive process for approving ownership or carry permits.