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If you live in Texas and run away at 17 will it stay on your record?


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It stays on your record in Texas forever.

In most all states, tickets stay on ones driving record for 39 months.

Your record is permanent unless changed by the action of a court.

When a person receives a ticket for a civil or criminal traffic offense, the ticket will stay on your record whether it was paid or not. The state of Texas also uses a point system against a persons driving record.

If you're in Texas it never comes off your record.

stay away (from 1967!) = greensleeves!

For 87 years. Give or take a few.

It does not depend on the state, it depends on the school.

It will always remain on your juvenile record, however, that will be sealed to the public when you reach the age of majority (adult) in Texas.

Criminal convictions do not go away. It is a part of your permanent record. You can apply to have your record expunged.

to stay away from their predator

Your criminal history is a permanent record and does not 'go away' after a certain number of years.

Unless it was commited prior to your 18th birthday an adult criminal record stay with you for life, it doesn't "go away" with time.

If you were a minor when you were charged, the record will be sealed upon your 18th birthday and the public will not be able to access it.

Your adult criminal record is a permanent party of your criminal history. It does not "go away."

If you committed the offense as an adult it will always remain on your record. Criminal histories do not 'go away.'

they can live for 5-10 years if they stay away from danger.

live healthy, have hobbies, stay away from the "bad crowd"

It depends upon what state you live in.

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