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The lender is not the deciding factor, although FHA insurance can sometimes prevent a home from foreclosure and/or a forced sale on in some situations. What determines if a creditor can use a judgment to seize a homestead is the laws of the state in which the property is located and how the home is titled.

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Q: If you live in an FHA loan house can it be sold at your death to pay a judgment against you?
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Can they put a judgment against your property if only your nane is on the deed wife has a judgment against her?

It depends on your state: If you live in most community property states (Louisiana West through Texas, and on the California) a judgment against her may affect your property if it is deemed to be "community property" which is property acquired during the marriage. If you live in a common law state, and the state has maintained "tenants by the entireities" as the form in which married persons hold property, then the property is, in all likelihood, free from the lien of the judgment.

Is it against the law to live in a house without electricity?

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Can your wages be garnished if you foreclose on a house?

depending on the state you live in yes. If the bank forecloses and they get a default judgment against you, they can garnish your wages. Not in Texas though. There are other states that don't allow wage garnishment, except on federal debt

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If you have a judgment against you and you live in Texas and don't have a house or car in your name can they take money out of your checking account?

Yes. Texas does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt but it does allow bank account levy even if the account is jointly held.

Can credit card companies put a lien on a house for unpaid debt if you bought your house through an owner carry?

Yes, it is irrelevant how the property was purchased. If it is titled in the judgment debtor's name a lien can be placed on the property. The exception could be if the judgment debtor is married and does not live in a community property state and the spouse is not a co-judgment debtor.

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Can wages be garnished if you live in Texas?

No Texas does not allow wages to be garnished, however the person or company can get a judgment against you and take the money from your bank account.

Can you sign over property like your house to your sister to avoid losing it in a judgment in Louisiana?

In most cases, gifting property for the purpose of avoiding a judgment is fraud. If it could be shown that you gave your house to your sister for this purpose (for example, if you continued to live in the home or continued to maintain it), both you and your sister could be criminally prosecuted for fraud, and the judgment holder could probably still get the property.

If you give up your car can they garnish your wages and put a lien on your house you live in Texas?

After the lender gets a judgment they can garnish your wages but they cannot getyour house unless you used it as collateral for the car loan.

Can a lien be placed against a house in Texas for a car that was purchased in California and then repossessed in Texas?

Yes. The creditor can sue the debtor in Texas and use a judgment award to place a lien against property belonging to the debtor. I'm not a lawyer and would encourage you to call one. But I believe the previous answer is incomplete. If you reside in Texas, and you LIVE in the home in question, a judgment award cannot really be used against that property. If they put a lien on the house, all you need to do is claim "homestead exemption" and tell the creditor to remove the lien. They are required to do that. If they refuse, you can sue them for damages. The creditor can place a lien on OTHER property that you own (i.e. not your primary residence). Or any property that you inherit.

What happens when judgement is file against you from an apartment complex and you are still living in the apartment?

This means the apartment is allowing you to still live there (perhaps you settled and paid the arrears but not before the Landlord obtained a Judgment or writ of execution against you but chose not to kick you out)

Can one state garnish your wages for back taxes in another state?

If the state where you owe back taxes gets a judgment against you, your wages can be garnished. This can happen no matter what state you live in.

Where you will live after the death?

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What happens when a judgment is fileled against you can thy take any of your property?

i live in Louisiana a hospital is try to sue me for a dept if they gain a judgment against me can they take any of my property If a judgment is assessed against you, they can take your property. Depending on the type of suit and who the judgment creditor is, collections on judgment can be in the form of garnishments ( served upon your employer to hold your wages or even your bank accounts), to the judgment being recorded in the county you reside which will result in your not being able to buy or sell a home (or buy one for that matter) until the judgment is paid in full. Should you die before the money is collected, "they" can also collect the proceeds from your estate before any money is disbursed to your family. Best advice - contact an attorney in your area (check the yellow pages for a general practioner or litigation attorney) hopefully they will be able to negotiate a settlement (reduced amount) and have the judgment set aside - or even file a motion to stay collection proceedings while they work on an appeal for you. Good luck!

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Can a lien or judgment be placed against a 100 percent permant and total Combat Veterans home?

Depends on the state that you live in. Talk to an attorney, if the collection people dont believe you're disabled.

An attempt was made at a residence I have lived at for 15 years. I do not live in the States. Can a summons that was not delivered become a judgment?

Service of summons must be perfected for it to ever come to a default judgment against the defendant. I'm sure they are looking at other avenues to serve you - but, at this point, it sounds as if you have yet to be properly served. So, no default judgment (which would only come after you not filing an answer in time AFTER your summons)

Should a judgment be filed where you live?

A judgment is filed in the court where the lawsuit is litigated, which is the court with proper subject matter and geographic jurisdiction.

You are 65yrs plus cannot mortgage payments anymore what will happen if you just walk away from home concedering What is going oninthe housing market would the lender put a jugment against you?

i am 65yrs + live Nevada consindering walking away from my mortgage .the house is way upside down and i connot retire and continue to make house payments. i have good credit and i am still working full time but soon working will have to end the credit i do not care what rating i but would not want a judgment put against me

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