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shes ancient no one noes.. haha..

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Q: If you live with your nan and want to leave can social services get you a flat at the age of 16?
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You live in Northlern Ireland you want to leave home you dont have permission from your parents you hav made a list of al the times they have hit you if social services hav dis can dey mov u out?

I think that you should contact social services immediately. Child abuse is a huge no-no. Find your local social services ASAP and see what they advise you to do. Hope you can solve this problem soon. From, gruesomemillzey + dyson

Social services phone number?

It depends on where you live,look on google

Can a 16-year-old girl leave her abusive parent's home and live with her boyfriend's parent's in Michigan?

Only if she is emancipated or there is a court order. Social services can provide assistance on how to get help.

Can a 13 year old choose not to leave in the City of California legally?

Of course not! They are much too young to make such a decision. They live where their parents determine they will live. If they feel unsafe, they should contact social services, who may arrange for the move.

What should you do if social services is investigating you?

Not much you can do, just live your life the best you can, and, hopefully, have been.

What is social agency?

A social agency is usually a type of social services. They can provide food assistance, cash assistance of medical assistance. They are usually run by the county or state you live in.

How can you move out when your sixteen and live in Oklahoma and need to get out of a bad situation?

Contact social services for the area you live in. Your school can help put you in contact with them.

Im 17 i live in Massachusetts and im in thedepartment of social services can i be emancipated?

im 17 i live in Massachusetts can i be emancipated if im in dss

Who to contact if mom is not enrolling child in school?

If they live in the USA, you can contact Social Services, Child Wefare and Protective Services, listed in the Government section of the phone book.

Can a 13 year minor leave home and live with grandparents in Canada?

Not without parental permission. If there are safety issues, they should contact social services. They will insure the child is safe and taken care of, which may very well mean sending them to the grandparents.

Can you move out at 15 without parental consent if there is abuse?

u gotta report it to social services, then u leave 'em for 'til ur 18, when ur free from the government. Or hold out 'til ur 16, and with parental consent can leave. If no consent, then u can do whatever u wish when ur 18. If you live in Louisiana you can leave the day you are 17 years old uncontested. This would be crazy this day and age, unless you are an abused child. At 17, no matter what you may think you are still a child with very little knowlage of what life has in store. If you are abused, please report this to social services.

What are the legal rights of a 14 year old who wants to live with someone other then their parents in NJ?

They have no rights regarding where they live. If they are not safe, they need to contact social services.

Are raccoons social?

Yes, raccoons live in families consisting of a female and her young. The kits may spend their first winter with her and leave in the spring. These families form loose communities with other related females and their young. Males live apart in small social groups of other males.

Do cheetahs live with their family?

Cubs will stay with their mother for about a year. Then the mother will chase away any males and the females will leave to live on their own. Cheetahs are not social and live alone except for mating and mothers with cubs.

You are sixteen pregnant no where to live shortly what money and help can you get thanks?

Contact child welfare and social services. They will assist you in taking care of yourself and the baby.

At the age of 17 can you legally move out to live with another relative without parental consent?

In Britain, yes. Contact your school and social services if need be.

Can a 16 year old in social services marry her 19 year old boyfriend?

It depends on what state you live in and with your parents permission, you should be able to.

Do you live in a flat?

Yes,I do

How can you make a sentence with leave and live?

If you leave, I will still live a good life.

How do you say I live in a flat in french?

j'habite dans un appartement, j'habite en appartement are translations for I live in a flat.

Does it matter if you live in a flat?

no it doesn't at least you have a place to stay so do not listen to others that say oh you live in a flat

From icarly were does Freddy sam Spencer live?

Spencer lives with Carly in a Bushwell flat , Freddie lives in the flat opposite Carly and Spencer and Sam doesn't live in a Bushwell flat.

How do you become legally emancipated in the state of SC?

Sorry, there is no emancipation statute in SC. If you are in danger, you should contact social services. They will insure that you are safe and have a place to live.

When can you legally become emancipated in Missouri?

There is no law for emancipation in Missouri. If there are problems in the home, contact social services. They will insure you have a safe place to live and proper supervision.

If your 17 and live in Texas does your high school provide you with a guardian?

Most schools are not in the job of getting guardians for students. Courts and social services do this sort of thing.

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