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You have options. You can hire someone to find and repo the car. You can do it yourself. Not enough facts to give a very dtailed answer. email me if you wish.

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Is it illegal to loan a drivers license to someone else?

Yes. A license cannot be 'loaned' to someone else.

How you can sell mortgages?

You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.You cannot sell mortgages. Mortgages are owned by the bank that loaned the money.

Can you insure a bike that has been loaned to you?

No, you cannot.

What if you loaned your car to someone and they committed a hit and run?

You're screwed.

What makes a secure loan secure?

A secured loan is made secure by collateral. This means that you need to offer something of value such as a house or car to qualify for the money loaned to you. If you fail to repay the loan as agreed, the collateral will be taken by the loan provider as payment instead.

Can a loan company reposses my car they do not have the transfer of lien on?

If that loan company loaned you money and you used the car as collateral and failed to make payments on time, they can, and will repossess the car.

How do you get a judgment against someone you loaned money to?

You need to sue them in court and win.

Is the owner of a vehicle liable when it is loaned to someone who gets drug busted during a search at school?


How many syllables in the word loaned?

The word loaned is one syllable.

How do loans for mortgages work?

A loan for a mortgage starts out with an application that includes a credit check which will help determine the interest for the loan. Once approved, the house becomes the collateral and all money loaned as well as interest must be paid.

Which businesses offer the best secured loans?

A secured loan is usually when an amount of money is loaned to a person and it requires some type of collateral. A mortgage company, as well as major banks and financial institutions offer secured loans.

If you loaned vehicles to a friend and he will not return them and you cannot retrieve them because you can't leave the county can someone else retrieve them for you in Florida?

if your name is on the title and you cant go get it. you can make a phony bill of sell to a friend and have them get it or if you have another set of keys then go get it , there is nothing they can do ,,,,.

What to do if someone withholds an item you loaned them?

Your only recourse is to sue them in small claims court. You will need some proof of the loan.

What do you call someone who is loaned money?

I think the phrase is neither a borrower nor a lender be.THE REAL ANSWER IS AN BORROWER..... MS.MARI OVER N OUT

What if items where creditor holds a security interest are not in possession of the debtor?

This is commonly referred to in the industry as "Third Party Possess." Third parties have no rights in this matter. It is as if you loaned your property to someone else, they cannot alter it, or keep it--you loaned it to them. When the repo agency (when not if) locates the property, it will be taken. If the third party reacts in the common way and calls the police, they will do nothing, unless of course your friend gets out of control, then he may be accompanying the cops downtown.

How can you legally retrieve a loaned car?

When u buy a loaned car, it means u are keeping that car as a security. So when u have completed all the Repayments, u can retrieve the loaned car.

Is loaned a verb?


If you buy a car and there is a lien on it but the car lot goes out of business how do you get the lien off of it?

Contact the entity that loaned you the money to buy the car, be it a bank, loan company, etc. If the selling dealer personally loaned you the money then you need to speak to your local DMV and see what you need to do if you cannot contact the seller.

Can you sue someone you were in a relationship with for money you loaned to them?

Yes. Whether the plaintiff will prevail depends upon the existing circumstances of the relationship when the loan took place.

What to do when you get fines from library for a book you have already returned?

Inform the library that you have already returned the book. They can check their records to see if they have it, or if they have since loaned it to someone else.

Will insurance cover my car damage if I loaned my car to an unlicensed and uninsured driver?

My insurance canceled uninsured person hits someone in rear what happens to me

What is meant by the term equitable mortgage?

The term equitable mortgage means that two parties have made an agreement (whether verbal or written) that the loaner will lend money to the owner of a mortgage using the mortgage as collateral and in the event that the borrower does not return the money he loaned the mortgage is then in the possession of the lender.

Can you sell a loaned item on RuneScape?


Paste tense of loan?


Why was money loaned to Europe after World War 2?

The money was loaned to Europe so the countries could be rebuilt and to stabilize their economy