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Read the language in the contract. If they provide for partial benefits they will be stated there. If it is not specifically stated then no, they will not do that. The payment for the loss of 4 fingers IS a partial settlement. Full payment is the amount you would get for total disability or death. I suspect the policy may be written in such a way that the loss of three more fingers in a separate accident could still result in no payment since neither incident resulted in a covered loss. Unless it's clearly spelled out there's different ways the contract could be interpreted. Does it mean it will cover up to 4 fingers? Does it mean that there must be a loss of 4 fingers minimum before they pay for it? Does it have to be specifically 4 fingers or else they won't even pay for 4 of them? Get a good lawyer and argue that the interpretation that it covers up to 4 fingers is the correct interpretation.

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Q: If you lost three fingers in an accident and your ADD policy pays for the loss of four fingers could you get a partial settlement?
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