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The questions is "did you cheat on him." If you did then you know you have broken a sacred trust, and no matter how many people in this world try to "be cool" that is one thing the human race runs on ... honor, integrity and trust. For those who feel they are too good to follow these rules I have seen over and over again "that the head of the snake always turns around and bites you in the butt" meaning: If you dishonor someone, cheat, lie, steal, etc., you'll get it back in spades and that's the truth! If you didn't cheat on him, and he's listened to one of his friends trying to stir up trouble, then stand up for yourself because it's your reputation! Phone him (don't beg) and ask if you could meet somewhere like a small cafe. If he says no, then say, "I think you are very unfair and you haven't given me a chance to explain my side of the story. I know I did nothing wrong and wherever you got this information of me cheating I will face that person and look them right in the eye!" If he is any kind of man he will give you that chance. If he doesn't, then move on and find someone else that sees your good qualities. Explain to him that it's your fault for being irrational, that you do realize that you trust him now, and you've thought over your life and want him back in it. Tell him how you feel! You may not get him back, but he'll at least understand your situation.

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Q: If you love someone but broke up 6 months ago because he thinks you cheated on him and have never spoken to him since how do you get him back?
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