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Wait. You won't regret it. If the person doesn't stick around because you won't give in, (I'm just saying) they didn't love you anyway. I agree with the above poster. Wait! Don't let your peers or any man pressure you into having sex. There are many people out there that are still virgins and there is nothing wrong with it.

2006-08-30 03:24:25
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What would you get tried with if you taught a monkey to kill someone with a dart?

the same as if you had killed the person yourself probably.

How do you teach yourself how to blush?

When people blush, that is an involuntary response of embarrassment. It cannot be taught (although you can be taught about things that you should find embarrassing).

Is it unchristian to think for yourself?

Generally speaking it is, Christians are taught to think of others needs before their own. There are situations though when you should really look out for yourself.

How long to travel 20 miles at 70 miles and hour?

Do you not get taught Maths at school? You should be ashamed of yourself

Should sex education be taught in school or at home?

Ideally, sex education should be taught at home. However, parents are often too busy or they neglect to teach their children. So someone has to do it.

Should you use teach or taught?


Should they teach about same-sex couples in school?

Yes. Same-sex marriage should be taught as part of the curriculum in Social Studies classes when the civil rights movement is discussed.

What Christians learn about marriage?

Christians are taught that,marriage was designed to be one man, one woman.The only acceptable reason for divorce is infidelity, although domestic abuse is condemned as both husband and wife should love and respect each other.With God involved in your marriage it will be stronger

What happens if California's Proposition 8 does not pass?

If it does not pass, gay marriage will be legal in the state of California. Gay marriage WILL be taught in school.

What should a 9 year old be taught?

they should be taught multiplication tables and basic spelling

Why should children be taught to listen?

Children should be taught to listen so they can know what to do when something is what they have to do.

Why in your opinion should the Bible should not be taught in universities?

the bible should be taught in universities.... understanding the bible takes great effort and it increases the knowledge of the students. The bible is the most read book in the world. so if someone mentions the bible by chance the person would know what to talk about

What is the word for someone who is self taught?


Should proper skin care be taught in schools?

Proper skin care should be taught in schools.

What does self educated mean?

You had no formal schooling and taught yourself from books.

Is it rude to say you hate gay people?

Pick something about yourself, race, hair color, size, whatever and ask the same question and put that in place of gay. Imagine someone saying that about you. Would you consider that rude? Be honest with yourself and figure out why you feel that way. Is it your belief, or something you have been taught? Thinking for yourself is usually a good thing. I'll make it easy for you, we have to be taught to hate, it doesn't come naturally.

Should religions be taught in schools if they are taught with tolerance instead of preaching them?

no ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Schools should not force students to be religious.

Why should evolution not be taught in schools?

There is no credible reason why evolution should not be taught in schools. Ignorance would be the outcome if the central organizing priciple of biology was not taught in school.

What is christian marriage counseling?

Christian Marriage Counseling is an incredible option of strength in dealing with a hard situation in one's marriage. You are taught to love and trust again within your relationship, as you do with your relationship with God.

How did neolithic people get an education?

They were taught by someone else

Do hindus believe that God controls them?

You are the owner of yourself. You are slave of no one. Thus it's you, who controls yourself. That's what we are taught.

Why should science be taught in early childhood education?

Science should be taught in early childhood education fro various reasons. Most of the activities in life depended on science and that is one of reasons that it should be taught.

What were some of jesus' teachings?

Jesus taught to love everyone as you love yourself. He taught not to judge other people, thereby not treating people poorly. He taught that we all have God in us. He taught to turn the other cheek when you are harmed.

Jesus of nazareth taught that you should?

Jesus taught you should love one another, you should forgive your enemies, and you should repent of your sins and believe that jesus died for your sins.

What should be taught in schools?