If you make more than one request for a credit card within 45 days how is your credit score affected in terms of the number of Hard Inquiries that would be made to your credit report?

It isn't.. credit score/rating is determined on your ability to pay your debts/credit cards, not the number you have... I have several, each for a different purpose.. own account (modest limit), joint account (small credit limit)business (modest limit).. I don't use store cards,, their interest is far too high.. and i ALWAYS pay them off, in full, every month, by direct debits from each account... the card companies HATE me, because they don't make enough money from me!.. but my credit rating is "A1" Lets say for example that you apply for two credit cards in 45 days and do not get approved for a single card, then the 2 hard inquiries will stay on your credit for the next two years. Yes your score will be brought down slightly. The more cards you apply for and do not get approved for it makes it appear as if you are in some type of financial crisis. The normal is one per 6 months for hard inquiries. It is best before you start filling out applications to do some research as to what type of card will best meet your needs. Try www.bankrate.com.