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Yes, the U.S. recognizes the universal legitimacy of marriage.

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Q: If you marry in Ukraine is it legal in the US?
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Is it legal to marry granddaughter in kansas?

It is not legal to marry your own daughter or granddaughter anywhere in the US.

How long can you stay in the US if you marry a us citizen?

Actually if you marry a U.S. citizen you are now legal

If you marry in Belgium is it legal in the US?

Yes. Unless you marry with a person of the same sex, which is possible in Belgium, but not in the US.

Is it legal for a US citizen marry a person from Jamaica in the US?


How can you marry an illegal immigrant from Brazil in the US?

Yes you CAN marry, but that will NOT give him LEGAL status.

Your boyfriend is in the us illegally how do you make him legal?

marry him

Can someone legal marry someone illegal in the us?


How does an immigrant marry a US citizen?

You don't have to be a citizen to marry someone as long as you are a legal immigrant..

Can you still marry your fiance if she not a legal citizen of the US?

yes you can

What is the minimum legal age to marry in the US?

21 yrs.

What is the legal age to marry in the US?

it differs at what state you mean.

Is it legal to marry 2 women at the same time in US?


Is it legal for a British woman to marry an American man to get an American passport and live in the US?

As long as the marriage is legal. Then your passort is legal.

Whats the legal age to marry in the US?

It differs from state to state.

Is it legal for someone with a temporary green card to marry a US Citizen?


Is it legal for a man to marry in the Bahamas and then - without being divorced - to marry another woman in the US for status?

Of course it is

How can you as a us citizen marry someone from India and then bring her to the us after you are already married is this legal?


Can a US citizen marry someone who doesn't have a visa legally?

No it's not legal without a legal visa to get married.

How would the process go if a US citizen wanted to marry in Ukraine?

much like the way they do it in the us, wait 7 years then take a special test (thats how they do it in the us)

Can a legal none immigrant marry a US citizen then leave and reenter the US on maiden name?


Who is the Ambassador to the US for Ukraine?

Oleksandr Motsyk is the Ambassador to the US for Ukraine.

Can a 18 year old girl marry a guy that is 22 is legal in US?

Yes she can because she is 18 and that is a legal adult.

Is it legal for a US citizen to marry a non citizen in US?

Yes it is. As long as is not a fraud to legalize( seller, buyer).

How can you become a legal US citizen?

You have to apply for a green card or marry a U.S. Citizen

Can a US citizen legally marry a married illegal immigrant?

You can't marry somebody--legal or not--who is already married. At least not in America. If the US doesn't recognize the marriage or if it is invalidated by a US judicial representative there's no reason why a citizen can't marry the immigrant.