If you met a guy at a party and you were drunk but he wasn't and it was a mistake and now when you look at him you get a weird feeling in your stomach do you like him or is it just embarrassment?

This can happen to anyone, but, when we drink we can sometimes lose control of our actions and we aren't as guarded. Either you aren't sure what happened between you and him or you know exactly what happened. I'd say you're more embarrassed than anything, and obviously wonder what the guy thinks of you. Take it slow and easy and wait and see if you get any response from him. If not, then have the guts to approach him and apologize and tell him that the way you acted at the party was not like you at all. Get yourself off the hook before you get a bad reputation. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say you'd better watch your drinking and behavior and only because of "date rape drugs" that are running rampid out there. You are a prime target for this. One can drink, but NEVER leave your drink sitting on a table or bar if you are dancing or visiting friends at another table, and NEVER accept a free drink from a guy (you just never know what's in it.) If you think I'm kidding get the stats of "date rape drug cases" from your local police. Marcy Marcy