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People who are constantly cheating on another person are insecure, self-indulgent and don't really care what pain they inflict on others. I am sorry hon, but you are much better without this guy. Of course you are hurting and that is very normal. No one wants to be cheated on or lied to. Breaking up with someone or if they break off with you is like a grieving process. You are going to feel sad and it's normal. It will take time to heal your heart, but in time, you will be so glad this guy actually did you a favor. Many of us have been cheated on and survived. I had a boyfriend that more interested in sex than me. I really loved him and believed he loved me. Of course I wouldn't "give in" until I felt ready (I was 16 years old.) I knew other girls in our group were "putting out", but, I just couldn't do it. He never said a word to me and we continued to go steady for a couple of months and then my girlfriend and I decided to go to Seattle. I knew in my heart when I got back he would have been cheating. That's one thing I was lucky with ... good instincts. When I got back my girlfriend's boyfriend was there and was so happy to see her again, but my boyfriend wasn't there and I learned that he cheated on me with one of my girlfriends. I was crushed! The two of them were still in our group of friends and that even hurt me worse, but I held up my chin and looked straight ahead. If anything that reaction from him really threw him for a loop and I guess he thought I'd be crying and hanging all over him begging him to come back. Once the pain was over I realized that I was more angry at myself for not picking up on what a jerk he was. I was around the group long enough that he grew weary of my ex girlfriend and was not dating anyone else. You see, these cheaters are the ones that cheat themselves. They are so insecure others can usually see right through them, so until cheaters get it right and start considering other's feelings they will end up very lonely in life and never really know what love is. The hurt had gone, I felt free, and I left the group of friends and moved on. 10 years later when I looked back I thanked God that I hadn't ended up with this ex boyfriend of mine. Betrayed love is hurtful and it makes you feel like your heart is going to shrivel up inside of you because of the emotional pain. You are stronger then that! Go with the pain, but start seeings friends and free yourself from this guy and start dating again. Not too long in the future you will meet that special someone that will treat you with the dignity that you so deserve. I sure did. Good luck hon Marcy You won't ever get him to stop cheating on you. I was with a serial cheater for 8 years. Nothing I ever did or said made him stop. We have kids together and everything. He cheated on me while I was pregnant, got other girls pregnant and every other hurtful sick scenario you can think of. It was nothing more than a total waste of my time. Guys like that have severe low self esteem or are sex addicts. They need to feel wanted or attractive (yes, guys have those issues too) so they use sex to get that rush and feed the addiction. It's pretty sick actually. Honey, he's not worth it. Do yourself a favor and don't get tied to him forever (by having kids) Love should never HURT.

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Q: If you miss your boyfriend and want to be back with him how do you get him to stop cheating on you?
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What do you do when your boyfriend who is white finds out you are cheating on him with a guy that is black?

First thing you do is stop. Second is apologise and beg for his forgiveness if you want him back. Third is wait and see if he wants his cheating girlfriend back. Good Luck.

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If your boyfriend starts to stop showing affection towards you and is always busy and going out instead of being with you. These are signs of your boyfriend cheating on you.

How can you stop cheating on your boyfriend?

pull youself together and be with the person you want to be with the most. If you want to be with your boyfriend then you have to control youself to not cheat on him if you love him.

What do you do if you love your boyfriend but you like another guy and is cheating your boyfriend?

Figure out which one you like better and then dump the other one. It may hurt but is probably the best way. If you don't like the answer, don't go searching for answers on the web!!! stop cheating on your boyfriend

How do you get a guy to stop acting like your boyfriend?

tell him he is not your boyfriend and to back off.

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She is cheating on her boyfriend with you. Stop wasting your time and get you someone who is available like you are.

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Your boyfriend has been using you and now that his ex wants him back he will go running to her. He is not much of a man or he would break up with you and not cheat on you. By putting up with his cheating you are enabling him and giving him the message that you will always be there throughout his cheating until he either breaks up with you or just keeps you two women dangling. Kick him out! It is difficult to do, but that will shock him into making a decision. He may well continue to see his ex, but, there is a chance he may find out he loves you more. If you kick him out then get out with friends; try and have some fun and get back into the dating circuit again and show your boyfriend you are not putting up with his cheating ways and you are independent.

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How do I tell boyfriend's exgirlfriend she needs to stop trying to get him back?

you tell her "stop trying to get your ex back, its never going to happen."

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have some fun with your friends.. yes, its not easy.. but in just a little time, you could not think of your boyfriend because you had fun laughing and chatting with your friends..

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Ask him if he's okay, and if he wants to go somewhere with you. He might be cheating on you, but don't take my word for it.

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there are a number of signals. one is they stop listening to u and ogal other girls god bless u

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u will no ur boyfriend is cheating on u if u find out he's not hanging around more often,he stop picking ur calls ,he DUMPS U 4 A NOTHER out oh and if u catch him doing a least 2 of them dump him before he dumps u....

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