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No, you should start on your new pact at the end of your period

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10 minutes to an hour. For a female to finish her period it should take 5-7days for her period to finish if she is using birth control are not.

NO if u have conceived and missed period is basic indication u r pregnant Birth control pill will not help and will harm the foetus be cautious.

You should take birth control on schedule regardless of bleeding. Hormonal birth control can sometimes cause a missed period.

A missed period while on birth control could be a side effect of the type of birth control you are on or you could be pregnant. You should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

The day of your missed period if your worried about being pregnant.

A missed period and breast tenderness in someone not using protection against pregnancy should prompt you to take a pregnancy test.

Then u should probably get a pg test right away! Theres no reason why ur period should b late or irregular if ur on the pill.

Do a pregnancy test. If you missed pill or took too many this can also delay your period.

You should be able to reliably test 1 to 5 days after your missed period.

ASAP. Especially if you've already missed a period. Many of the newer meters can detect pregnancy before the first missed period. (or so they say)

when should u take a pregnancy test, if you miss a period

You could have a missed period from birth control or from pregnancy. Since you're not on birth control now and have a missed period, you should take a pregnancy test.

you should be having a full period if you miss more than three days

A pregnancy test should be taken after your first missed period, however there are a few tests which you can take at least 6 days before your missed period.

No, a missed period is not complete confirmation of pregnancy. You should see a doctor, or at the least use a home pregnancy test.

No, a bladder infection won't cause a late or missed period. But antibiotics, which are usually given for a bladder infection, can cause the pill not be as effective. If you are late or missed a period you should see a doctor for a pregnancy test. Or take a home test. Anytime you are on antibiotics, you need to use a back up method of birth control.

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative, but I still feel pregnant, but haven't missed a period yet?

Check the package for specific information, but generally the pill should be started on the first Sunday after you START your period.

The first day after your missed period. There are some tests that you can take up to 5 days before your missed period.

it is normal for you to only spot while on birth control. if you missed your period it shouldn't mean anything, however if this keeps on occurring you should consider seeing a doctor.

You should take the birth control pill as directed regardless of bleeding. Take a pregnancy test if you missed pills in the previous cycle.

It really just depends on what type of birth control your taking, and when you start to take them. If you missed a week or two after getting off your period then you may spot for a few days, but you should start when your supposed to.

No, you should continue taking the pills as scheduled. IF you missed any pills in the prior cycle, take a pregnancy test.

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