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The legal age in the state of Florida is 17 for both male and female without parents permission.

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Q: If you move out at 17 in Florida will the police be able to force you back home even if you are safe?
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No, you are emancipated at 18.

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i believe it is because my best friend was just in Florida and he spit off a balcony and had to be escorted by police back to his parents. if they were still in Florida, or if they lived in Florida, they would have had to go to court! i know it sounds stupid, but it's true!

How long after an accident and hospitalization do the police have to serve you with charges of DUI in Florida?

Until the results of the toxicology lab results or breathalyzer come back.

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If I am a 18 year old living in Omaha Nebraska and i move out with my fiance and my parents report me as a runaway will the Police force me to go back Or what will happen?

since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents. since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents.

If you're seventeen can the police legally take you back home in the state of Texas?

Yes, in Texas they can force you to go back home. If you refuse, they could send you to a detention center.

What is the legal age of a minor when a parent is no longer responsible?

A child can legallyt move out of home in exas and the police will not force you to move back home.

If you are sixteen and you leave home and move in with your sister can the police force you to go home?

Well, it all depends, at 16 until you're 18, everything is parental consent. You can live with your sister, but if your parents want you home, you have to come home, if you refuse, the police can force you back home. -Katelyn

If a 17 year old leaves home in new york state can the police force them to go back home?


Can a 16 year old leave home without her pearent permishion and can they force her to go back home?

While it is possible to leave home, it would not be legal. The police can take her back home.

Will police force a 17 year old run away back home in the state of Missouri?

They will return them to their home. If there is an issue, they may put them in foster care.

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