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Probably not but make sure that you are getting your mail and bills so that you don't miss something important.

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Q: If you move temporarily for school do you have to inform your insurance of your new address?
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Is college registration and class schedule legal proof of address?

No, because your address when you live at school is considered your temporary address. Legal proof of your address would include your driver's license, insurance for a structure (either home insurance or renter's insurance), a utility bill (electric, gas, water, etc.) or some other proof of where you live and pay your taxes at.

Can you get a lesser auto insurance rate if your child is away at school in a different state?

Possibly. Many insurance companies have a discount if your child is away at school that is 150 or more miles away. This is only if your student does not take the vehicle with them to school. If they do have a vehicle with them at school you need to make sure that the insurance company is notified of the address at school and which vehicle they have at school. Make sure you are honest with the insurance company during this time. If you get the discount be sure that you notify the company if any instance arises where the student wants to take the vehicle to school.

Where can one find more information about his or her school insurance?

One can find information about his or her school insurance on the school's website. Websites such as Schools Insurance Authority and K-12 Student Insurance provide information about school insurance.

Why do you think it is called a suspension when you get in trouble at school?

one meaning of suspend means to temporarily stop so when you are suspended fron school you are not allowed to be in school and your education is temporarily stopped until your return

Do you have to have the same address as what says on your license to get insurance?

You need to use the address on your registration, not license. Whether the address on your license has to be the one on your registration is another question. I believe you are allowed to list one address as your "primary residence" and another as a "secondary." However, if you've moved away from that address (as opposed to perhaps having gone away from school, leaving parents behind there), it's fraud to continue using that address for insurance.

Does your daughter who attends college in another state and does not have a car have to give up her license if you do not include her on your auto insurance policy?

No, She only needs insurance if she is driving. She does not have to give up her license if she is only attending school in another state. The state of issue is still her state of residence. The address she uses while attending the school is only a temporary address.

Does the insurance company have to change the principle place of garaging vehicle if college student wants to take a car to the dorm at a school in the same state?

Usually not. Your kid, while still in school, will probably consider your home his primary residence. Generally, insurance companies do, too. In your case, in particular, being in the same state makes it highly unlikely that your carrier will base your rates on two separate residences. The above answer is incorrect, the majority of insurance companies will rate the Kid at the address of the school if in the same State as the parents. It is'nt based on where the kid thinks his primary residence is. If the kid is going to be going to school -out of state- then the insurance company will use the parents address as the rating address

Why electronics are good for kids in school?

They inform you and have apps to help you.

When was National Online Insurance School created?

National Online Insurance School was created in 2008.

Does families have to inform the school of an HIV student?

Every state I've been to has required it, yes. I can't for certain if this is law in all states, but parents really should inform a school official of this.

What are the insurance premiums for Northwest Allen County School Employees?

The insurance premiums for Northwest Allen County School Employees have full premium insurance. The Northwest Allen County School Employees also carry health insurance.

Is there school insurance in college?

It is correct to say there is a college of insurance.

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Does the high school need to be informed about any antidepressants your taking?

Depends on the school, but I would inform them about it just in case.

What is the proper way to address a school board?

Proper way to address a school board

If someone is in graduate school in Michigan but claims her residence as Ohio and pays state tax in Ohio and her car is registered in Ohio can she buy auto insurance using her Ohio address?

why do you want to know this???????? Yes, if your residence is listed as Ohio and your car is registered in Ohio, you can buy insurance using your Ohio address.

What is the best insurance agent school in America?

The best insurance agent school in America is at the University of Pennsylvania. This was determined by votes from previous students and insurance agents across the country.

Would an driving school need some kind of insurance?

It is not mandatory but it is recommended to have. Please see more about it here:

How do you write a letter to school to inform delay in submitting community certificate?


What is the web address of the After School Matters in Chicago Illinois?

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If you are looking for schools in California, you can try school locator at You can find school by address or find school by API.

Do you need to have insurance to participate in high school sports?

No, high school sports are covered for liability by the school program. There are insurance dues that are paid that contribute to this nine times out of ten.

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What is the synonyms of educate?

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