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They can have you brought back. Until you are 18, they have all the say.

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Q: If you moved out at sixteen in the state of Missouri what rights would your parents have over you?
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What rights do parents have over their 17 year old child who moved out in Missouri?

The same you had before she moved out. She is still a minor and the law see no difference between a 17yo and a 14yo.

How can your name be put on a bill when you were only sixteen at the time?

Your name can't be on a bill when you are sixteen. The reason why is that you have to at least be only 18 or older to get bills sent to you if you moved out of your parents house.

Is a 17 year old considered an adult if they drop out of high school in Missouri and moved out of the custodial parents home?


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seveteen years old,moved in with my boyfriend,his mom's house,am I breaking the law? can my mom make me move back home?I live in Missouri

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Yes you can. My boyfriend did it and moved to missouri with me. His mom tried to call the cops and there was nothing she could do. Also the cops let him take all his belongings.

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I just moved from Missouri to New Mexico and I need my tax forms from my last job in Missouri how do I go about doing this?

You need to contact your Missouri employer and request the forms from them.

If you have been kicked out when sixteen then moved back in can you move out In Arkansas?

Yes, Because It's Your Decision

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Can parents relinquish parental rights in Florida when their 17 yr old has moved out and is living with someone unrelated and getting into trouble at school by laying out and cursing teachers and gett?

yes the parents have every right till the daughter reaches 18

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