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If you only drive your car in June July and August do you need to carry insurance on it for the other 9 months?


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Each state varies on what the minimum coverages allowed. You will need to at least meet legal minimums year round, usually liability and/or personal injury protection.

A friend of mine only carries collision during the months when his car is out of storage, but he keeps the comprehensive year round in case of fire or theft.


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Of course you can but it is illegal to do so. Every state has a minimum amount of insurance you must carry on any vehicle you drive.

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I would not drive a car without an insurance policy on it as you could be cited.

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Advantages of Pay As You Drive insurance include not having to pay for the full year of insurance up front. One only pays for the months one drives a vehicle.

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It is not mandatory, in the United States as a country,to carry auto insurance, but in most states it is a law.

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All drivers are required by law to carry proof of Financial Responsibility. So if you are an insured driver under the terms of the Auto Insurance Contract then you are covered to drive it. If you are not an insured under the terms of that policy then you are not covered. Remember, Vehicles do not drive themselves and vehicles do not carry insurance, People do. Auto Insurance Is to cover the losses and legal liabilities of the Insured.

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