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If you are a US citizen who wants to marry someone who overstayed their visa how do you legalize her status?

file a petition for him

Can an illegal alien get papers if they are married to someone with the papers but haven't got a greencard yet?

Yes they can.

Can someone on a fiance's visa get a job without a greencard?

Once that person marries and the papers for the greencard are filed, s/he can file for a temporary work permit. Yes. A fiance' visa alone is automatically eligible to work. I myself was under the fiance visa. You need to get an SS first which can be tricky because theres a lot of SS employees who do not understand the concept of the K1 visa holders being valid to work. ( I had to research a memo from Immigration and print out to show them). The k1 visa is only good for 90 days so I suggest that once you get here, you get married ASAP and file for AOS (adjustment of Status) EAD (employment authorization document) and travel parole (optional). Once your K1 visa expires, you are technically not eligible for work, unless you get your EAD before it expires, which I strongly doubt. It took me 6 months to get my EAD, 7 months to get my AOS and 8 months for my AOS interview ( where I got my greencard).

What should you do if someone steals your greencard?

you do not cry you tell someone that your friend or friends that they took it on perpus or on ackadent it happend to me love Morgan Anna johnston

Can an undocumented alien who entered the us using someone else passport be able to marry and get greencard?

No, due to fraud.

What does adjustment order mean in regards to mental health?

There are many symptoms and other things that can come with someone that has adjustment disorder. Basically it means someone is feeling depressed, sad and hopeless.

If a Canadian citizen in the US on an H-1B Visa marries someone who overstayed their Visa by 4 years how can that person become legal?

no depends were they came from

At what age is someone eligible for pensions in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom a woman is eligible for pension at the age of 60 and a man is eligible at the age of 65 by the year 2021 the eligible age will be 66 years of age.

Can someone in jail still get unemployment?

Someone in jail is not eligible for unemployment. To be eligible for unemployment a person must be able and available to seek and accept immediate full time work. If you are in jail and are offered a job, you are not able to start immediately, therefore not eligible.

What goes eligible mean?

Eligible means that someone is qualified to do something, such as hold a certain position, or that a person is available for marriage.

What does it mean when someone says your qualifications are commendable?

it needs a little adjustment

When are you eligible for Social Security retirement benefits?

You have to be someone that is at least 62.

Is someone with lymes disease eligible for the make a wish?

No, but someone with Lyme Disease might be. It depends on how life threatening it is

You had an amputation of one half of a finger due to medical condition Are you eligible for compensation?

You are only eligible for compensation if it was someone elses fault and you can prove it in court.

Can you get eic if someone else is claiming you as a dependent?

no. also, you are not eligible until you are 25

If someone pass his 12th cbse board with compartmental then is he eligible for competitive exams?

yes, he is

How do you use elegible in a sentence?

Eligible is an adjective, so you would use it to describe something or someone. There are a few examples on how you would use it below. "You are eligible to win that prize," she told him. "I'm not eligible enough to receive such an honor," he said, kneeling.

Why do people lie about their age on MySpace?

so they can seem like their an older person then someone and to be eligible to get in.

What made someone eligible to become a knight?

They have to become a page or a squire before they become a knight

How do you spell canadit?

The likely word is candidate (political office seeker, or someone eligible for a position).

Can you collect unemployment if you are a physician assistant?

If you worked for someone and you didn't voluntarily resign, you might be eligible for unemployment.

What group determines whether someone is eligible for medicare and processes their premium payments?

Social Security Administration

Is Utah a common law marriage state?

how long do you have to be with someone in Utah to be eligible for common law marriage?

Can you bail someone out of prison?

No, by the time the offender has reached PRISON he has been sentenced for his crime and is not eligible for release on a money or property bond. His next opportunity for release won't come until he is eligible for parole.

Did yolanda saldivar get out of prison?

no, Yolanda didn't get out of jail! she is eligible 2 get on parole till 2025 someone said that.