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theres some law that after 97 if you overstayed by that long than your banned from returning for 10 years...not super technical but...

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โˆ™ 2007-10-19 16:26:02
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Q: If you overstayed your visa by 4 years then married a us citizen but left the country could you still get the green card abroad or would you be better of trying to get back into the us again and try f?
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Can a married Filipino citizen marry someone else abroad?


Can a US citizen legally marry an Indonesian citizen on a tourist visa in the US if already married abroad?

No- that is considered bigamy.

Father an American citizen and mother is not child born in another country is the child an American citizen?

Yes, he will be treated as "US Citizen born abroad"

If a US citizen married a non UK citizen in the UK could they both become citizens of the UK?

No, it would be considered a marriage abroad.

If a US citizen married a foreigner abroad then what happens?

It depends on the country but you should be able to apply for a visa if you wish to stay in that country. For example, im here in japan and my buddy just married a Japanese girl and then was able to reply for and receive a 1 year working visa.

Do permanent residents need a special passport to travel abroad?

You need the passport of the country of which you are a citizen. You cannot have a US passport until you are a US citizen.

Is Daniel Tosh a naturalized citizen US citizen or a US citizen born abroad?

he is a German born u.s. citizen

What is the citizenship status of Americans who live abroad?

child born abroad of american citizen

What are passports?

To quote the United States Department of State, "It is a document issued by a country to a citizen of that country, allowing that person to travel abroad and re-enter the home country."

Are you a US Citizen if you were born outside of the US but have a US citizen as a parent?

Yes. Both my daughters were born in FRance, but because I am a US citizen, so are they; but you have to go to the US Embassy of the country born in and request a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

If you marry in another country can you come to America without getting citizenship?

No. Marrying a US Citizen abroad does not guarantee you legal entry to the US

Can you get a singaporean passport if you're born there and lived there for 8 years but are currently residing abroad- I have turned 18 since then?

It depends on which country you are a citizen of.

How long can a UK citizen stay abroad?

Take a look at the DVLA site, under Britons Abroad.

Do both us parents have to go to consulate to report birth abroad?

Why they have to report a birth abroad, just file form I 130 for the kid who is born in another country. if any one of the parent is U S citizen

You were married abroad Do you need a US marriage license?

You are already married, you can't apply for a license. The US will recognize a valid marriage in another country.

After the study in abroad can you get citizenship in that country?

Immigration Laws vary.Studying in a particular Country could add points if you wish to Immigrate. Using that point system you can immigrate , become a Permanent Resident of that country and then eventually a Citizen.

Can you get into Bangladesh?

If you are not Bangladeshi citizen that time most of the cases you need passport and visa to visit. For visa you can contact with Bangladesh Misissions Abroad (embassy) in your country.

Is France a abroad country?

That's abroad if you're living in another country. That's home for the French.

Can a female American citizen living abroad get married in Georgia to a non-US citizen who entered the US with her on a visitor's visa and they intend to leave and live in the husband's country?

Yes, you can get married. Only thing is make sure if you are planning on getting US Citizenship in the future, apply for residency BEFORE you leave. It will be much easier than applying from abroad. Also, if you plan on re-entering the US before approval of residency (6 months to a year), make sure you get re-entry Visa BEFORE you leave, otherwise you WILL NOT be allowed to enter country without either the re-entry visa or your green card onCe residency is approved!

When getting married abroad how do you register your marriage in California?

Good question. In general, marriages which are legally performed and valid abroad are also legally valid in the United States. The embassy or tourist information bureau of the country in which the marriage will happen is the best source of information about marriage in that country.

Who is a us citizen?

A US citizen is someone who was born in the United States, or who was born abroad but his or her parents were US citizens at the time. Also, a person can naturalize to become a citizen.

Which is better study at sea or to study abroad in one country?

To study abroad.

Is Ireland classed as being abroad?

Ireland is abroad if you aren't from Ireland. Abroad only means outside of your own country.

Is baby born in another country of American parents an American?

I believe you have to be born in America to be a citizen, or apply for citizenship. The previous answer is incorrect. If you are born in another country but your parent is an American citizen they you too are an American citizen. They just have to fill out a CRBA form or Consular Report of Birth Abroad. If you are born on a US military base that is also considered US territory.

If you want to get married abroad should you get married in the US first or just go abroad for the honeymoon?

I would do the latter, because different countries have different laws on marriage.