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child born abroad of american citizen

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Q: What is the citizenship status of Americans who live abroad?
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Is there a minimum visit requirement to retain US dual citizenship when living abroad?

No, you can live abroad indefinitely and still maintain your American citizenship.

What is a certification of birth abroad?

It is a certificate that acts as certificate of citizenship for children whose parents live abroad. You have to go the embassy of your country of citizenship, register your child's birth who was born abroad and get that certificate in order for him/her to gain your citizenship officially.

Can Americans live in Canada on their visa without giving up their citizenship?

Americans can live in Canada if they apply for permanent residence. They do not, however, need to "give up" their citizenship and may apply for a dual citizenship. They will have both a Canadian and their American citizenships.

What is the status of Chinese people living loutside China with citizenship in other countries?

like other states live

What civil liberties don't you have at age 18?

That depends on the country you live in, as well as citizenship status of said country

How long can an American citizen live abroad before losing citizenship?

I think you never lose it. I have relatives who have lived abroad for 25 years, and have not visited the US in 5 years. They don't lose it.

How do you get malaysian citizenship?

Obtain permanent resident status in Malaysia,live there for the period they require you,learn their official language,apply for Malaysian citizenship, andrenounce your previous nationality (the one you have now)

Is Michael Ignatieff an American Citizen?

No. Michael Ignatieff never applied for US citizenship. He did live abroad for almost half of his life though (about 30 years). If he had obtained US citizenship, he would have lost it by taking his oath of office.

Can you live abroad indefinetely and maintain your US citizenship?

Yes, unless:You serve in the army of a foreign power (especially if it's an enemy country),Your actions threaten the security of the United States, orYou voluntarily give up your US citizenship in order to obtain the citizenship of a country that does not permit dual nationality.

Are us citizens also citizens of the states they live in?

No. In the United States, individual states do not define, confer, or deny citizenship. The relationship between an individual and a U.S. state is called "residency", not "citizenship." You become a resident of a state merely by living there, regardless of your citizenship status.

What is visa status?

A "visa" is kind of like temporary citizenship. A "work visa" allows you to work in a country you aren't a citizen of, and a "visa" allows you to live there.

How do you use citizenship in a sentence?

I have citizenship to live in Mexico .