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No, you cannot get pregnant five days after ovulation. In order to get pregnant, you must have intercourse before or the day of ovulation. But keep in mind, it is hard to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation.

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Q: If you ovulated on 100408 could you have conceived on 100908?
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Can you be pregnant if you ovulated in the first week of taking the birth control pill?

Yes, if you ovulated and had sex during that time, you could be pregnant.

When did I get pregnant I am 18 weeks 3 days on July 11 what day did I get pregnant?

you conceived around march 18. so if you had sex that day, or the few days prior, the sperm could have lived long enough to fertilize the egg when you ovulated on march 18.

If a girl was 5 weeks pregnant on February 7th when did she get pregnant?

she would have conceived 3 weeks prior. so Jan 17. even if you didnt have sex on this day, if you had sex within the few days prior, the sperm could live until you ovulated on the 17th.

Can I be pregnant when intercourse occurred on the last day of your period?

This is unlikely, although it could be possible depending on when you ovulated.

Your boyfriend stuck it in without a condom a couple times could you be pregnant?

If he deposited sperm in your vagina and you ovulated, you could be pregnant. No sperm, no baby.

If I haven't ovulated yet this month and the ovulation kit comes up negative and the ovulation calendars say I should have already ovulated and I am having back pain and nausea Could I be pregnant?

Yes yes u should be. Good luck

When could have your baby actually been conceived?

conception would be my best bet.

Is it possible to get pregnant when you have not had a period in 2 months?

technically yes, as long as you ovulated THIS month. This would highly depend on the reason for the last two missed periods. If they were missed due to a naturally irregular cycle, there is no reason that you could not have ovulated on the third month.

If your due date is April 1 2009 could you have conceived June 19 2008?

yes, because if your due April 1st, then it is still 9 months from when you were conceived

What if your last period is 20 December and your cyecle is 31 days could you conceived a 11 day?

i have learned that you have 14 days since the first day of your period to become pregnant in other words whatever the 14th day lands on that day you become pregnant. for example if you started on the 20th then you were more likely to become pregnant on jan.2 that is when you ovulated.

If your baby was born on October 12 2007 could you have conceived on January 23 or 24?


The LMP you remember was June 3rd and the hcg test in July was neg now an HPT is positive did you conceive in June or July?

You likely conceived in the third week of June, though it is possible that you conceived later than that. You don't mention the length of your average cycle. Did you notice a time when you had discharge the same slickness as eggwhites and found it easy to be in the mood for sex? Those are fertility signs, signs that you are ovulating. Sex a few days before that to a day after that would have led to this conception. If you ovulated in the middle of a typical 28 day cycle, around June 17th, you could have had a positive pregnancy test as early as July 1st. If your negative test was before or on the 14th of July, you may have conceived in June. If your negative test was after the 14th, you might have conceived in July.

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