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If you haven't driven it off the lot, I'm pretty sure you can get out of the deal. And even if you have, there is a chance you can also.

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Q: If you purchased a vehicle in Oregon and have not driven it off the lot can you get out of the deal?
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If you purchased a vehicle in Michigan and have not driven it off the lot can you get out of he deal?

The location of the vehicle does not matter. What does matter is whether of not you have signed a contract to purchase the vehicle. If you already have signed a contract, it is very unlikely that you can back out of the deal.

You just bought a new silverado and the dealer is now offering the same truck for 10000 less than what you paid for it do they have to honor that?

No. If the deal is done, all the paperwork completed, and you have driven away with the vehicle you are stuck with the deal you made

Can a car dealership call you 2 weeks after you purchased and signed all papers on a vehicle and say the bank financing wouldn't go through and you need to return the vehicle?

Yes, if the bank refused to finance the car then the deal is off. The deal was contingent on the financing going through. It didn't so the deal is off. Look for financing somewhere else.

What is cheap Renault magane and where can it be purchased?

A cheap renault magane is a vehicle brand and can be bought for cheap on Ebay or Wonga. Purchasing this type of vehicle won't be cheap to most but if you can afford it try stopping by a Franchise dealer and see if they have a deal for one.

Can a car purchase agreement be cancelled if the car has not received AND the title for the trade has not been turned over to the dealer?

If you have not driven off the lot with the vehicle and have not turned over the title for trade there is no deal. They still have the vehicle you agreed to buy, and the bank has to approve the loan which has not been done either.

Can you get out of a car deal within 72 hours in Oregon?

NO, there is no "cooling off period" for the purchase of a motor vehicle. There is no "cooling off period" for the purchase of a good, just because it is really expensive or you decide you made a mistake in buying it. See the State of Oregon Department of Justice Website at the link provided.

How did the US acquire Oregon?

Simply, Americans acquired the Oregon territory as a means of agreement/deal with the British in 1846 while K.Polk was president

How do you get a title on a vehicle when the owner is incapacitated?

you will need to deal the Power of Attorney who represents the owner of the vehicle.

Can you return a new car in Oregon?

Check Oregon Department of Justice; According to what I read.. If you don't like the car or deal; NO! If they quoted something on the contract then sent you home such as interest rates then said they can't deliver those rates come and sign a new contract then; YES. Contract void... DO NOT SIGN THE NEW ONE; even if you have driven for 10k miles, return the car!

How do you deal with high oil prices?

I just reduce travelling by my vehicle.

How long do you have to return a used vehicle that just bought today in south dakota?

If it is a used vehicle and the contract states that you bought it "as is", you can not return the vehicle. Unless you were somehow misled as to the deal, the vehicle, or the contract, and can prove it, you can not return the vehicle.

How did you get to Oregon country?

the british and American congress worked out a deal/agreement which resulted in the US getting the land

Is there a cooling off period in Canada after purchasing a vehicle or a motorcycle where you cancel the deal if you have not picked item up and driven it off the lot?

There is no legal cooling off period on auto sales.But most new car dealers will allow a cancellation as long as the car has NOT been registered

Where can one find a fraud lawyer in Oregon?

There are several lawyers in the Oregon area who deal with fraud cases. A good directory to use to locate one would be Just Oregon Lawyers. The Avvo website also contains some useful information.

How do you disable a moving vehicle?

By calling the police and alerting them that there is an out-of-control vehicle on the road. Otherwise, you shouldn't try anything with a moving vehicle unless you are in it or have the necessary training to deal with such a situation.

What does standing consent mean?

deal with who can consent/object to a lawful search of a vehicle

How many miles is it from Medford Oregon to Japan?

It's about 5,000 miles from Medford, Oregon, to Japan, but it depends a great deal on where in Japan you're going. It's 4,962 miles from Medford to Tokyo.

Can you return a used car purchased from a dealer because I found the price was too expensive than the price on Kelly Blue Book?

No. the deal you made is the deal you are stuck with.

How is a Pontiac g5 like a g6?

A Pontiac G5 is like a G6 first and foremost and that both are General Motors cars so you know you're getting a good deal on a vehicle. They are also similar in that both cars are sedans and can be purchased either new or used.

Where can I get good quotes on commercial vehicle service for my delivery company?

If you are referring to the service and maintenance of the vehicles used by your business, negotiate a deal with the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicles. Otherwise, research the area and find an established, trusted mechanic who is certified to work on the kind of vehicles you have.

If you sign loan papers from the dealer but do not make a downpayment nor obtain delivery of vehicle at time of signing can you back out of the deal?

Yes. If you have not taken delivery of the vehicle, you can still back out of the deal. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

What is the safest way to deal with a flat tire on the highway?

The safest way to get a tire changed while traveling is to have a sevice garage change the tire. If the tire will be changed by someone in the vehicle, the car must be driven out of traffic and stopped on level ground as possible. Then proceed to change the tire according to the owner's manual.

Can you trade in your car and get the same for it if you still owe on it?

This is tricky. If you trade in your car and get what you owe on it, it is likely you are paying more for your new vehicle (they always mark up the price to equal everything out). If they only give you what the vehicle is worth by blue book value, then they will give you a better deal on the new vehicle. If you want the best deal, then sell the car person-to-person and then buy yourself a new vehicle.

Can employees be purchased as an asset?

Yes but they have to have permission old enough and the job has to be offered from you and the person to work out a money deal.

Where can I get the best deal on online tires?

Online tires can be purchased at You may also want to try