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If you purchased a vehicle in Oregon and have not driven it off the lot can you get out of the deal?


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2015-07-15 19:25:57
2015-07-15 19:25:57

If you haven't driven it off the lot, I'm pretty sure you can get out of the deal. And even if you have, there is a chance you can also.


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The location of the vehicle does not matter. What does matter is whether of not you have signed a contract to purchase the vehicle. If you already have signed a contract, it is very unlikely that you can back out of the deal.

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No. If the deal is done, all the paperwork completed, and you have driven away with the vehicle you are stuck with the deal you made

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Yes, if the bank refused to finance the car then the deal is off. The deal was contingent on the financing going through. It didn't so the deal is off. Look for financing somewhere else.

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A cheap renault magane is a vehicle brand and can be bought for cheap on Ebay or Wonga. Purchasing this type of vehicle won't be cheap to most but if you can afford it try stopping by a Franchise dealer and see if they have a deal for one.

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If you have not driven off the lot with the vehicle and have not turned over the title for trade there is no deal. They still have the vehicle you agreed to buy, and the bank has to approve the loan which has not been done either.

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