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if it is your property then no- if it is shared then yes you must supply a key

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Q: If you put a lock on a gate do you have to give a key to your neighbor?
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How do you find the key to the gate on mythology island poptropica?

There is no key when you get Hercules he brakes the lock

What is the law about putting a padlock on a shared access gate?

shared gate lock- all need a key to access gate

How do you get the key for the gate in Mythology Island?

When you convince Hercules he smashes the lock for you

Should the lock on a pool gate be inside or outside of the pool area?

If the pool area is a public or semi-public pool then the lock would be on both sides of the gate and should be accessed by a key.

What did Nate give Ruby in the book Lock and Key?

key earings to match her key necklace

How do you reset the alarm on 1993 Cherokee?

with the key lock and unlosk the front doors or the lift gate on the rear.

How can you rekey a gate lock when the gate is locked and you lost the key?

This is generally a job for a locksmith. You can't "cut" the lock on a door or gate to get in and replace it like you can with a padlock or combination lock. It costs a bit of money to have someone come out to your house, but unless you can get the whole mechanism off the gate or door, you'll have to have a pro come out to handle the job. (If you can get to the "back" or "operating" side of the lock and remove it, you can take the whole thing in to a locksmith and get a key made for a lot less than having a technician come out.) Oh, and when you get things squared away, get an extra key or two and have them strategically placed for this kind of emergency. Good luck.

Where do you get the village gate key on castaway 2?

first go to the statue do 3 of her quests and complete them. then she will give you the key.

What kind of construction alond a canal enables boats to navigate between two bodies of water of different heights?

it could be a gate, bridge, lock or key but the main one would be a gate

How does a key lock work?

A key lock works by putting a key in and when you turn the key it pushes a loose round piece which releases the lock.

In the lock and key model is the enzyme the lock or the key?

The lock is the enzyme and it's active site is where you put the key in. The key is like the substrate that comes and binds to the active site, or the key that fits into the lock.

How do you lock the glove compartment and trunk so you can give the trucker the Valet key to use on an Audi 2005 A6?

with a key

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