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if you don't buy the male mice at the same time while their in the same cage they would fight bitterly but 2 females might not have a problem with each other but the safest way to get 2 mice at a time is from the same cage.

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Can you put a mouse with babies in the same cage with another mouse with babies?

no they will fight, and some babies may die.

Can you put a new mouse in the same cage with another mouse?

You can put a new mouse in the same cage as another, but if your mouse prefers living alone, don't put the mouse in the cage. The older mouse should be better off solitary.

Can you put a hamster in a mouse cage?

Yes, a cage is a cage. As long as there's no mouse in the cage already.

Can you put a new hamster in the same cage as a mouse?

No.....................Dont do that they will fight and try to kill each other

Can you put a mouse and a guineapig in one cage?

No, that's not a good idea. The Gunineapig will most likely pick a fight with the mouse and kill it. So no.

Do you put your mouse outside when your at school or work in a cage?

in a cage

Can you put a budgie in a mouse cage?


How small an opening can a mouse crawl through?

if a mouse can stick it's head through an area, it can get it's body through. if your unsure if your mouse can get out of a cage or not, put the mouse in the cage and close the doors of the cage, then put cage(with mouse in it) in bathtub overnight. if mouse gets out, your mouse will be safe in the bathtub(shut the drain of the bathtub) I hope this info will help

What do you put on the floor of a mouse cage?

Wood shavings

How do you find a lost mouse?

You can put the cage on the ground an open the cage door. if its to high for the mouse to reach make a stair with books or something. put some treats inside. if lost outside you probably wont see it again. you also could buy another mouse, but if i were you i'd keep on looking for it.

Is it safe to put lavender petals in a mouse cage?


Can you put a ginypig and a mouse in the same cage together?


Will a male hamster kill another male if they were to be in the same cage?

Its fine to but make sure if you have to males in a cage not to put a female in with them because then they will fight! Maybe to death

When you clean a mouse cage where do you put the mouse?

hi, if you can try to hold the mouse or put it somewhere else were it is safe! hope this helps!! ta spanks vibegirl101

How do you make WWE tables?

When you fight don't fight on normal put hardcore and there will be tables but how to put cage

Can two different mouse breeds be put together in the same cage?


What should you put in a mouse cage?

There are several important things to place in a mouse cage. First, you should get the biggest cage you can afford, to make your mouse happy and healthy. Next, you should purchase a bedding, but NO pine or cedar bedding! This is hazardous to your mouse's health. You should put the wheel in the center or edge of the cage. A wheel is important for your mouse, to exercise on. and release his stress. It can also be very entertaining to watch your mouse on the wheel. Sometimes, they even sleep on their wheel. You should put a small bowl in the corner of the cage for food. Attach a small rodent water bottle to the lower bottom of the wall of the cage for the mouse to drink. Put a few chew toys in the cage, and you will own a happy and healthy little pet!

Is it wise to put a mouse and a gerbil in the same cage?

Probably not. But I read a book in my school library about gerbils and the author of it said that one of his friends put a gerbil and a mouse together in a cage and they worked out OK.

If you were to keep a wild field mouse what should you put it in?

You need to get a hamster cage. It's made of wire and they can't chew through it. wouldn't a mouse cage be better?

Mouse she is about to have baby do you need to but the dad in another cage?

Yes, I would put the adult male in another cage to be on the safe side. Check with a pet store near you. They should be able to provide you with some good information when it comes to breeding.

Can you put a hamster in the same cage as a gerbal?

No.They will fight

Can you put two wild mice in the same cage?

not unless you want 1 dead mouse and 1 alive mouse!

Is it a good idea to put a male gerbil in a cage if another male gerbil already lives there?

Only if you devide the cage first, so they can not get to each other. If they are allowed to get to each other, they will fight.

Can you put a girl hamster in the same cage as a boy mouse without fights or mateing?


Is there any way two adult female mice that don't know each other can get along if they are in the same cage?

Yes, female mices can get along once they get used to each other. Introduce the mice outside the cage first and see how they get on. If they don't fight try this: clean the cage you are going to put them in very well (to get all the 'mouse' smell off it) and then put the female mice in the cage together at the same time. As this cage has been cleaned it should be neutral territory and therefore the female mice should not fight. If they do fight you might want to consider houseing them in different cages.

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