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The point is not of a valid assumption. The story tells us that sure God wants us to be ignorant, the point is in the matters that will lead to his destruction. According to the story if everything had went as God had planned then the world today would have been free from all evils. Hence, it is better to be ignorant and happy rather than being knowlegable and in misery. Jonab's thought: If God wants man to be ignorance and happy He would have created robots. But it seems that God doesn't want man to be ignorance. He wants man to know good and evils and then choose good over evils. If we have a choice to enter the army to fight for our country then we can join the army because be love our country. Contrary if we have no choice but to join the army then we join the army only out of obligation. God wants us to know good and evils so we can choose Him not out of obligation. Jonab's continues: you say: "if everything had went as God had planned then the world today would have been free from all evils". Do you understand the implication of your statement? The implication is things did not go as God planned and God made a mistake with His creation.

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I think it's basically about not being ignorant when you go into a relationship. The person seems to have just come out of a messy relationship and is looking back thinking "how could I be so ignorant?"In the story I was toldWell this was never mentioned,Must have missed a chapter when,I was 17 years old,And there's nothing left but lossSeems like this is referring to fairy-tales and how they're all 'happily ever after' stories, with no hardships and obstacles to overcome, but that isn't real life and no one ever told him that.

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It seems to be 100% ignorant-ignorance doesn't know race. Must not be a very good school when the student body doesn't realize that Puerto Ricans are U.S. Citizens by birth. Their catalog is impressive, I guess the School tries but miracles were no where to be found in the catalog under(the obvious heading): We turn ignorant teens into caring and decent adults.

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The title of the story is quite tricky.First of all ,it is not about the scorpion ,as it seems to suggest.Scorpion is not at the centre of the poem .The poem is actually about the irrational behaviours of the ignorant villagers and about mother's affection and care for her children

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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's book The Phenomenon of Man treats the question of how mankind, with its capacity for consciousness fits into the physical world as well as into that of the mind and spirit. Mankind is a phenomenon, or an artifact of the advent of life on Earth, just as other animals are a phenomenon. Mankind seems to have different mental and spiritual capacities than animals do, and so it is a phenomenon which merits special study.

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I believe that assumption is untrue, and it seems rather racist to me. Please come back with statistics, and/or a more specific question if you would like a better answer.

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