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Don't seem desperate. Just say that you'd like to keep in touch after he moves, then e-mail or text him to follow up. That will give you both a chance to figure out if you want to maintain a long distance relationship. If the person in question is moving more than 25 miles away, you are probably better off keeping your feelings to yourself, because it is extremely difficult to have a long distance relationship. There is nothing wrong with letting them know that you think that they are a nice person, with good qualities. What purpose do you want to achieve by telling them that you like them?

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What should you look for before you kiss someone?

you should look for if they really like you and ask if they want to kiss you or not

What do you do when you like someone but don't know how to tell them?

you should try and talk to them before openly admitting you like them. try and find out if they like you back before you make any serious moves, hope this helps :D

How long should you date a man before becoming intimate?

After you know who he really is and like him enough to do so.

Should the girl send the guy a text after getting off with him the night before or should she wait for him to txt her?

if you really like them, just text him/her.

What if you like your friends girlfriend?

You really shouldn't do anything. If you really like her, then you wait until they break up to do anything about it .You should also probably tell your friend before you do anything, out of respect.

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What should i do if i really like this boy?

if you really like someone you should become friends with him. If you get to know him more he may find he really likes you the way you like him.

Does a guy like you if he wants to see you before he moves?

obviously! go see him

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What to you do if you really like someone?

You Should Tell Thee Person You Really Like Him/Her

His moving and you really like him what should you do?

Bid him goodbye and moves on with your life cos there might be a chance that he might know someone else and learn to like other girls but if you both truly like each other then learn to trust.-----------

Should you write a note to a girl saying you like them?

If you really like this girl than you should. But if you don't really like her than you should just take it slow.

She is my x before but she hates me now I really love her What should i do?

Why does she hate you? Why do you love her so if she is your ex? What are you worried about what you should do? Sounds like you guys are so over.

What should you do if you like your best friend but he is leaving for the marines and has a girlfriend but he has told you that he likes you before?

and also to add from the question above he has told you he does not really like his girlfriend

What do you do if your boyfriend wants you to toss him off?

Just let him make the moves and if you really like him you will trust him

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If you are going to a party Saturday and the guy that you really really like is going to be there what should you do?

just act like yourself...and try to avoid embarrassing urself. Try talking to him before you get sloshed as you may embarrass yourself after.

What should you tell the person who you really like?

i like him/her.

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Should i ask out this girl in my class?

If you really like her then you should.

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