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If you rear end someone who deliberately slammed on the brakes in a road rage incident who is liable for the damage to both vehicles?

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2011-09-12 22:12:04

when i worked for the police department,the rule was to stay at

least one car length behind the vehicle in front of you so you

would have time to stop.we are to proceed with causion when it

comes to drivers with bad behavior. let them go around you, don't

provoke, they are the ones with the problem,.get into the far right

lane and proceed with caution- go slow just in case they do

something stupid. it doesn't matter to the law if that person was

having road rage, some people slam on brakes because an animal runs

out in front of the car. or a person hits the brakes because they

spilled coffee on their lap, many of excuses but you have to stay

far enough behing in order to give yourself time to the

way, far right lane is for slow people and the far left lane if far

passing. if you are blocking up traffic you can be given a ticket.

that's why they post signs on major highways that say minimum speed

45 and maxium speed 70, if you go too slow you can be given a

ticket. if you was blocking traffic and cars couldn't go around

you, or if you get to nervous to drive, you may want to have

someone else drive you.

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