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AFAIK, Social Security has no impact on your ability to file bankruptcy. In fact, Social Security is excluded from the "means test", so unless you have substantial other income you should be able to file Chapter 7.

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Q: If you receive Social Security can you file Bankruptcy?
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Can a person without social security number file for bankruptcy without being deported?

Yes, but if the debtor ever used a phony social security, some districts will NOT allow the person to file a bankruptcy.

Can you file bankruptcy if you receive VA disability?

It is possible to file bankruptcy when receiving VA disability.

Can a non us citizen file for bankrupcy?

No, you don't have to be a resident. If you are a non-citizen, but have a Social Security card or a Tax ID, you can file a bankruptcy. If you don't have a United States ID, but own property in the U.S., you can still file a bankruptcy.

Can you receive retirement pay and still file for social security disability after retirement?


I was just lay off, not reason was given. It was a parttime job. I do receive social security. If I file for unemployment, what will happen to my social security?

In most states, California included, you can receive unemployment benefits while still receiving your full Social Security benefits.

If you will file for Social Security and unemployment will either one of these amounts be reduced if you are in Detroit Michigan?

No. If you qualify under each program's guidelines, you will receive a full check for both Social Security and unemployment. Michigan no longer offsets unemployment compensation when you receive Social Security income.

Can you opt out of social security benefits if you are already receiving them?

Getting social security isn't automatic and you have to file for them with the social security administration. So, just don't file.

You collect social security do you have to file a tax return?

Not always.... Depends on how much your income is. But if for some reason they do a stimulus check and you did not file - you will NOT receive one.

How can I file for money returned or paid back to Social Security and shown on the 1099SA form?

Apply to receive social security once you meet the age requirements or get a lawyer if you think you deserve it now.

Do you file taxes if you are on social security?

yes ,i did

Can a child receive social security benefits from the death of their parent?

yes you will need to file with the social security office, complete necessary paperwork and submit a copy of the death certificate and your birth certificate proving that was your parent

Can you file your social security disability?


You owe your sister money can you file bankruptcy on that loan?

If you file bankruptcy, you file bankruptcy on everything. You can not file bankruptcy on one loan.

If you collect Social Security do you have to file a state tax return?

That depends on your state of residence and how much total income you receive each year. Fourteen states apply some form of tax on Social Security benefits.

What are the benefits of having a social security number?

You can file for things that require a social security number and it will help you get governmental benefits. The benefits of having a social security number is that it allows you to do things legally and you don't have to be underground. It also allows you to receive any benefits you will be entilted to when you retire.

If you receive only your social security do you file a tax return?

Always file your Fed. Tax return. If S.S. is the only income you receive you'll be eligible for E.I.C.. It may not be a lot, but living exclusively on your S.S. benefits is tough.

Where do you file for disibilty?

You have to file for disability at the Social Security Disability website.

Do I need to file taxes if I have social security income?

Yes. The amount taxed will depend on your total income as a single or jointly. You will receive an SSA-1099 that will give you the information you need. There is also information on the Social Security site in your account.

If I am on Social security disability do I need to file an income tax return?

If Social Security is your only source of income, no.

If you receive social security can you file for your 2009 income tax?

2009 cn't be filed until the year is over, and before April 15 2010

What is the purpose of social security number?

It keeps track ofmoney you have contributed toSocial Security (which, for most people, means your employer withheld and submitted on your behalf). When you file to receive SS benefits at 65 or older, the amount you receive will depend on the amount you have put in.

Will I lose my retirement accounts or payments from social security if I file for bankruptcy?

Generally, no. Retirement accounts that are ERISA-qualified aren't considered property of an estate and cannot be taken. Social Security benefits are generally protected from assignment, or garnishment for debts in bankruptcy. The Social Security Administration's responsibility for protecting benefits against legal process and assignment usually ends when the beneficiary is paid. Once paid, the benefits continue to be protected only as long as they can be identified as Social Security benefits. For example, money in a bank account where the "only" deposits into the account are direct deposits of Social Security benefits are "identifiable" and generally protected.

How can you find your daughters social security number?

take her birth certificate to the social security office and file for a new social security card. if she is in school they should also have that number.

When does the year begin when you file for social security?


Can you file bankruptcy on the state?

can you file bankruptcy utah unenploment