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If you received a letter from a collection attorney and you start paying them can they still put a judgment on you?

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Not if you both agree to a payment deal. Make sure it's in writing. Also, don't be taken aback by the supposed power of a collection attorney. In all liklihood, he's nothing but another bill collector who bought your debt from the original lending company and is trying to get whatever he can from you. Rarely are judgments sought and granted. Don't let him intimidate you and know your rights. * A collection agency or agent cannot represent themselves as an attorney. It not only violates the FDCPA it is also a criminal offense. The debtor should NEVER agree to any terms without, as noted, their being in written form. Insist that the collection representative send written confirmation of the debt on the legal stationary of the firm or private counsel. In addition be aware that one of the largest collection attorney firms, Mann-Bracken has been licensed to arbitrate rather than using regular legal process. The rules and enforcement of arbitration awards as with any litigation should be discussed with qualified legal counsel before the debtor agrees to any terms whatsoever. In my experience lawsuits are not uncommon either by original creditors or 3rd party account holders. Capital One has contracted with an independent firm (Mann-Bracken) and has been very successful in litigation, so they are a card issuer that one should use caution when dealing with.

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What happens if a person lives out of country and is being sued by collection agency Does collection still get default judgment even if he didn't get the court apparence letter?


Can a collection attorney collect if you sent them a letter to cease and desist and the original creditor sent you an agreement that you agreed to pay?

If you paid according to an agreement and can prove it, the attorney couldbe liable for damages to you for unfair debt collection ro fraud.

What is proof can i use for a title company that a judgment has been paid?

A letter from the collection company or creditor who reported it or a lien release form if the judgment was placed in lien against property.

What is a Legal letter to pay back money owed called?

A legal letter to pay back money owed is called a collection letter. It is better to have a collection letter come from a corporation that collects debts or an attorney. However, you can also write one yourself.

How do you write a letter in response to an eviction notice received?

This is a legal question for which you must consult an attorney.

If a client sends a certified letter to x-attorney requesting copeis of all documents and checks and for over a year has not received or heard from x-attorney what can client do?

Go in and see your old attorney.

How do you put somebody in to collections?

You can hire a collections agency, or you can collect the debt yourself. You could also hire an attorney to write a collection letter for you.

Can I sue I had a judgment against me in NJ. I paid the amount in full. A month later the Plaintiff attorney is still pursuing levies on my property. Can I sue the Plaintiff's attorney?

Where is your attorney? You need to get an attorney to look into the matter. However, you can also write a letter and fax it to the attorney labeling as SUMMON TO RESPOND. In the letter, notify the attorney that you have paid in full and they should stop levies on your property. Ask for more information as to why they are doing so. You really need to consult an attorney or else you may lose everything.

What does execution of judgment is stayed until final payment is received at which time judgment will be deemed satisfied mean and will the judgment actually be filed as to reach my credit report?

The statement, "execution of judgment is stayed until final payment is received at which time judgment will be deemed satisfied" means that the judgment will be held against you until the debt is completely paid off. You can then get a letter of clearance to have the judgment removed from your credit report. Most debts will remain on a credit report for 7-10 years, even after they have been paid and satisfied.

How do I write a Power of Attorney resignation letter?

You should have an attorney make a Power of Attorney resignation letter. If there is no attorney, you will write up a letter expressing your desires and have it notarized.

What is letter of attorney?


I live in a caravan park and have received a typed letter from management addressed to all swamp dwellers. I am offended and wondered what I can do about this?

Contact an attorney.

How do you get out of a Civil Judgment?

You can pay off the judgment , prove with a letter or some valid evidence that the judgment was made in error..

I filed Sept 19 2008 on Oct 27 2008 you received a letter from a attorney stating that they are to collect for this credit card company that you did list on your bankruptcy can they collect from you.?

Notices and such probably crossed in the mail/processing. All creditors are forbidden from continuing direct collection actions once the BK is filed (without getting specific legal approval). Advise the attorney of the BK filing shortly before his letter date, and he should back off and file a claim with the court.

How do you use the word admonitory in a sentence?

He received an admonitory letter from his employers' attorney, warning him that he faced legal action if he continued to harass other workers.

What does attorney at law mean what else can an attorney be at'?

In the United States, Attorney-at-law means a lawyer. The distinction is made because people can have "power of attorney" or "letter of attorney", which is referred to as Attorney-in-fact.

You filed your bankruptcy and a couple of days later you received a garnishment letter can you get the garnished wages back?

To start with you would receive a copy of the Garnishment Summons from the court at your last known address. You would need to advise your attorney so they can "Quash" (no not squash) the garnishment. If at that time your employer has taken any funds from your pay and either sent them directly to the judgment creditor or to the court, the attorney would then request/demand the funds be returned to you- the judgment debtor. If the court receives a copy of the bankruptcy at any time prior to the return court date, they return the original payment to the employer who will then refund back to the employee.

Can a collection agency report an unpaid balance on your credit report under public records that you received no subpoena for?

Yes. Finding a judgment from a past due collection account on the public record portion of your credit report is quite common. You would need to research your state's law and the state the CA was operating in to determine the requirements for notification. Many states only require the CA to attempt notification, such as sending a letter to your last known address.

What is the difference between After I have received and just After I received in the expression I'll answer after I have received the letter?

In the expression ''I will answer after I have received the the letter" the speaker is saying that they have not received the letter yet, but when they do, or rather, after they receive it, they will answer (something). The whole matter is in the future.But if someone says "After I received the letter..." they have already received the letter and then did something. It all happened in the past.

What is a collection letter?

A collection letter, or dunning notice, is a letter sent to a past due customer from a creditor about a balance owing that is past terms and has not been paid.

Can a debt be classified as a judgment if you made a payment and the collection agency contacted you and you showed proof of payment and are paying the remaining balance?

if collection agency is not from your lender, but third party, then you need to fax them proof of your payments to your lender or financial insitution and have them send you a letter stating that they will not report you to credit bureau. and also have them contact the collection agency you are making payments. asian623

How do you prepare a response letter to a judgment complaint?

how to write response letter to customer

Can a debt collection agency call your work?

No. Once the party involved has informed the collector that they do not want them calling their place of employment the calls must end. Some collectors however simply will not listen and continue to break FDCPA laws. If this is the case the collection agency should be reported to the office of the state's Attorney General. This can be done by phone, but it is best to follow up in a letter. Keep a log of any calls received after the request has been made.

If you owe 1200 on a credit card and receive a letter from an attorney asking for the balance can they take your house?

No. Not if the debtor/consumer has properly protected theirself. Before any action could be taken a lawsuit would have to filed against the debtor. If the suit was won by the creditor (which is usually the case). Then judgment collection proceedings would be filed. A judgment collection could be wage garnishment, bank account levy, and liquidation of some assets. A debtor's home can be protected by state or federal exemption. Some states, the exemption amount is automatic, in others the home owner must file a homestead exemption. It is VERY important to know the laws for your resident state, concerning this issue.

Why are creditors still asking for money when a judgment was dismissed?

A judgement is issued by a court. If the court found in your favour and the collection agency is still after you, you will need to get a copy of the Judgment and provide it to the debt collector. You should also complain to the BBB and the appropriate local government agency about the potentially illegal attempt at collection. If you mean the credit card company or other lender wrote it down and did not provide a letter of discharge then they will sell the debt and you will be chased for it. Best to pay it if you can.