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If you replaced 3 starters in 3 weeks on a 1997 Neon and the 3rd lasted 5 days but during last 2 the check engine light came on what should you do?

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hmmm check the flywheel in your transmission, because that is the only thing that comes in contact with your starter motor. im no expert but that's is what happened to me. also have your transmission flushed to remove excess debris. change your transmission filter. and run fuel injector cleaner through the gas tanks. if the flywheel teeth are chipped and worn then even one little chip can strip your starter.

A faulty starter shouldn't set off your check engine light-you might want to change your starter relay or check for bad contact at the relay, or you might be overtightening the starter bolts-make sure your ground connections are good. You can check your trouble code by turning ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON within 5 seconds (DON'T try to start car!)and the check engine light will flash a code that could help you find out why the engine light comes on (it's usually a sensor or vacuum leak). If a failing sensor makes the car hard to start, you could damage the starter, among other things. I've learned so much from my Neon- it's my baby!

2015-07-16 19:29:04
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