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The one and only 'argument' that is beyond debate.... the First Amendment of the US Constitution, "Rights of The People". Of course the above poster is correct, but families can be much more complicated than that. Your religious or political beliefs are your private opinions and the business of no one elses. If you don't bring those two subjects up then you shouldn't have any problems and if someone else brings these subjects up in your presense then sit there quietly or get up and go to another room. However, if you come from a strict Catholic background or Muslim, etc., and family is pressing you and you're of age then make the statement that if they don't stop interfering in your private life you will cease to come around. Let them know you love them, enjoy being with them, but refuse to talk about two things "religion and politics!" ==new answer== Nobody wins an argument. Go with what you see and build on that. I did. The thoughts I grew up with I knew better than to speak them outloud because I was around nobody that was thinking like I was. It would take me a long time to begin to understand why. Your thoughts are the most relevant to your growth. Speak truth as you see it and be unattached to how others react.

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Is religion an exercise in make believe?

The concept of religion is a set of one's personal beliefs. If you believe that religion is make believe, that is your religion. Religion does not necessarily have any ceremonies attached.

Why do people use religion to pull you into their world?

== == Some people proselytize their religion because they really believe that, by doing so, they will earn credits in heaven. Perhaps others promote religion in order to validate their inner beliefs. If they can convince others, then they may be more confident that what they believe is genuinely true.

What religion did the spanish missionaries hope to convince the native American to believe?

Christianity :)

Into what religion did the beliefs of the Israelites develop?

I believe Christianity (Christians) Ones who believe in Jesus Christ.

What is you beliefs system if you believe in three gods?

You belong to a polytheist religion.

Why Japanese people don't believe in religion?

Japanese people often do believe in religion. A majority of Japanese people follow the beliefs of Buddhism and Shintoism. In the modern days there are many that follow the Christian beliefs.

Does the freemasons believe in the devil?

Freemasonry is not a religion. Freemasons have several different beliefs, and there is no one religion that is "masonic".

How do people acquire religious beliefs?

Now and days religion is brought upon to you as soon as you are born, and as you grow religion is slowly implanted into your mind and that's how I believe people acquire religious beliefs. I personally believe in God with all my heart, but not religion.

What are the beliefs of the Methodist religion?

Methodists believe in a Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). They believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Those are the basic beliefs.

Why is Christianity better than Sikhism?

No religion is better than another. If you believe in Christianity, then this religion is best for you. If you believe in Sikhism, then this religion is best for you. There is no objective proof that the beliefs central to either religion are actually true.

What religion is it when you don't believe in god?

It depends. The typical response would be that you are an Atheist, which is not a religion but a lack of religion. If you still believe in some sort of spiritual reality, what you are would depend on what your specific beliefs are.

When the people were building houses of worship in Jerusalem did they have arguments because of their differences in religion?

I believe that people always have and always will have arguments over differences of religion. Now if they would only stop killing each other because of this....

Human spirit and religion are the same or not?

No, religion is a system of beliefs and practices; human spirit is a quality that humans allegedly have (if you believe).

What the beliefs people in German believe in?

The official religion is Christianity, which means that people believe in God. I don't know other beliefs, which may also vary from person to person.

Does France believe in islam?

Most Countries do not believe in one religion. Citizens of other beliefs live in France too.

How is Jesus' baptism and our baptism connected?

Baptism is joining a religion that enables you to believe in Jesus and the rest of the beliefs the religion has to offer.

What are present day Quakers beliefs?

Quakers believe that they should have a free religion, not what Puritans tell them to be.

What rational arguments does Patrick Henry use to convince his readers to believe as he does?

the past conduct of the British government proves that England has no intention of granting the colonies' petitions.

When you die do you get a second life?

Some people believe in reincarnation, heaven, and some believe in nothing at all. It depends on your religion and beliefs.

Did the mayans believe in only one god or more gods?

They believe in loads of gods, their beliefs are almost simular to the hindu religion :)

Can you be bisexual and still believe in god or have a Christianity religion?

Your sexuality and your beliefs are not related. Human sexuality is not a choice, and has no connection with religion.

Can you still follow a religion and not believe in god?

I would suggest you follow a religion if you really believe in it. Note that some religions don't believe in gods; for example, I heard that some branches of Buddhism don't. But if some religion has beliefs that you don't share, I don't really see the point of following such a religion.

Is murdering bad?

It depends on your religion or beliefs. If you believe life has no meaning then its not bad. If you cherish life then it is. Simple.

What do Buddhists believe about Jesus?

Jesus is not part of the religion of Buddhism, therefore Buddhists have no particular beliefs about Jesus.

Do the greek gods and god exist?

That depends on YOUR beliefs and religion. I would go with what most people believe.