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If you respect the beliefs of others what are some arguments you can use to convince your family that you have the right to choose not to believe in God or religion?



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The one and only 'argument' that is beyond debate.... the First Amendment of the US Constitution, "Rights of The People". Of course the above poster is correct, but families can be much more complicated than that. Your religious or political beliefs are your private opinions and the business of no one elses. If you don't bring those two subjects up then you shouldn't have any problems and if someone else brings these subjects up in your presense then sit there quietly or get up and go to another room. However, if you come from a strict Catholic background or Muslim, etc., and family is pressing you and you're of age then make the statement that if they don't stop interfering in your private life you will cease to come around. Let them know you love them, enjoy being with them, but refuse to talk about two things "religion and politics!" ==new answer== Nobody wins an argument. Go with what you see and build on that. I did. The thoughts I grew up with I knew better than to speak them outloud because I was around nobody that was thinking like I was. It would take me a long time to begin to understand why. Your thoughts are the most relevant to your growth. Speak truth as you see it and be unattached to how others react.