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Q: If you see quarter moon where the right side is lit would you expect that the moon will soon be full or new?
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How many days would you expect to fall between the new moon and the first quarter and the last quarter?

I would expect that period of time to comprise 3/4 of a full cycleof phases, or about 22.15 days.

how degrees in a right angle?

There are 90o in a right angle. A right angle is one-quarter of a full circle i.e. 360o.

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5 photographic positions- full- frontal quarter-turn profile?

full front three-quarter front profile three-quarter back full back

Why can there be no eclipse of the moon if the moon is not a full moon?

To make my discussion short, A full moon just has the right aliment time in the phases. For example, if the moon was in first quarter, it would not line up with the earth and sun, thus having no eclipse.

Does the full moon happen in the first quarter or second quarter?

In the second quarter.

Which lunar phases would be visible in the sky at dawn?

Which lunar phases would be visible in the sky at dawn? Full, waning gibbous, Third Quarter, waning crescent, and new. At midnight? Third Quarter, waning gibbous, full, waxing gibbous, and first quarter.

Can you still use metrogel if expired?

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How long is it between a third-quarter moon and a full moon?

'Third Quarter' occurs 7.38 days after a Full Moon.After the Third Quarter, you'd have to wait 22.1 daysfor the next Full Moon.

How many days does the full moon changes to the last quarter?

The time period between Full Moon and Third Quarter is usually 7 or 8 days, depending on the actual Full Moon and Third Quarter times.

What are four phases for the moon?

The First Quarter, New, Third Quarter, and Full

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