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Corporate ownership (other than a non-profit) is represented by shares of stock. If you own shares, you may sell your "part of the corporation," provided it does not violate any agreement you may have with the other shareholders (including the articles and bylaws), or any fiduciary duty you may have to them (if it is a small number of shareholders). If it is a publicly held corporation, ask a securities attorney for help with any significant (reportable) sale, or if you are an insider. If the "part of the corporation" you refer to means "a subsidiary" or some capital assets of the corporation, then all of the proceeds of such a sale must go to the corporate treasury. Another answer stated that, "well if you sell the stock that you own then the money belong to you, but if the stock belongs to the corp than the money belongs to the corparation, however if your diong this to make personal money and are on the board or exec you can give you self a "bonus" for all your hard work. the bonus will be taxed as personel income so be careful"


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It is part of the Sony Corporation

A company turns into a corporation when one or more people invest in it (put money in the company to own part of it), the investors then become shareholders and the company's legal status turns into a corporation.

it means to include as a part of whole, from a company into a corporation.

If company listed in stock exchange then anybody can purchase it's shares and become owner of corporation.

The banking company First USA was established in the year 1985. It is part of a corporation of many banks that is is under the label of Bank One Corporation.

Quaker State Corporation (now part of Shell Oil Company) Q8

All expenses incurred are part of income statement of company whle advance expenses or expenses payable are part of balance sheet.

The net income of an S-Corporation are taxed to the end of the S-Corporation's fiscal year as part of the income taxes that are paid during the shareholders tax year in which the S-Corporation completes its fiscal year. This provides a benefit of avoiding the corporation "double-tax". That is, with other types of corporations, the corporation pays the taxes directly. Then, when you sell your stock in the company the increased value of the stock is taxed again. When you sell an S-Corporation stock, you are not taxed on the gain as a stockholder because the tax was already paid when the corporation reported income. The corporate tax rate is also usually higher than the highest individual tax rates. If the tax is paid through an individuals income tax, the overall tax paid as a percentage of the corporations income is lower than it would be under other types of corporations. An S-Corporation also has an added benefit when it takes a loss for the fiscal year. With other types of corporations, usually a loss results in zero tax. With an S-Corporation, the loss is passed to the shareholders who can deduct the loss from their income for individual income tax purposes, resulting in a lower tax for the individual.

The North Face is part of VF Corporation, which is a publicly-traded company (NYSE: VFC).

hi there to my idea assesable income is every single income that come from the main or normal activity of the company! Just say a computer company, the assesable income are the sell of the computer, spare part as well as software. Good luck

Yes depreciation is included in contribution income statement as depreciation is part of fixed cost of company.

No. The BP is a British-based global energy company and the British East India Company was a trading company in the 18th century.

No, Leviton is a privately owned company with stock held exclusively by the Leviton family

Dodge is part of the Chrysler corporation along with Jeep.

Loss on sale of asset reduces the actual profit of company that's why it is a part of income statement and shown as an expense to business.

no Mario is part of Nintendo and Nintendo is a japenese company Disney is the American corporation founded by an anti semite ibro coment.

Unearned rent is not a part of income statement rather it is a part of balance sheet and it is shown under liability side as it is that revenue which is not yet earned by company.

When you see the name GMC on a truck, that is the company that made the truck. GMC is a part of the GM company and it stands for General Motors Corporation.

Yes merchandise is part of income statement and this is the actual goods sold to earn revenue for specific period of company.

No, it's even part of Disney. If it's part of the Disney company, its not a virus, because they are a big corporation, and would lose their reputation.

The definition of unincorporated is an organization or company that has not been formed into a legal corporation. It means something that is not contained as part of a whole.

Although the word 'company' is widely used, its meaning is imprecise and confusing. Use of 'company' should be avoided. All it really implies is that there is more than one person, and nothing else. A corporation, on the other hand, means an entity which has been incorporated. Sometimes a corporation will include the word 'company' as part of its formal name. There's nothing wrong with doing that, but the word is as meaningless as, for example, 'acme.' It's best to stick to the word 'corporation.'

Zapata Petroleum Corporation was the largest business he was a part owner of.

The Holden Commodore was first manufactured in 1978. It is interesting to note the Holden company is a part of the GM corporation with the Holden part being in Australia.

stockholders are part-owners of the corporation...

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