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If you create a contract with a business, it doesn't matter who owns the business... in the same way as you would expect the new owners of to honour a warranty for a vehicle bought before the sale of the company... HOWEVER in your case this is only the case if there are no detrimental changes to the terms & conditions, or faciltiies... they MUST be ,maintained in at least the same condition or better... check the wording of your contract for anything specific.... and if the new owners demand everyone signs up to anything new, then that is the time where you can refuse, and they would be oblidged to refund the balance of your membership, without penalty, as it would be them who made changes..not you changing your mind about joining, where they have maintained the status quo.

2006-07-25 14:29:38
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Are you in breech of contract if you start another business while employed?

That would depend on what you contract with your employer binds you to. An employment contract may be a negotiated document and it is therefore not possible to give you a general answer. However, IF your employment contract precludes you from starting another business then YES you would be in breach of contract if you did so.

If you were writing a letter on behalf of one company in an attempt to gain a business contract with another company which business letter would you write?

You would write a proposal, an offer of an agreement or contract.

Business Contract?

Get StartedThis Contract can be constructed to cover the sale of goods or the exchange of services between to companies. If one business is providing goods or products to the other �A Contract for sale of goods� should be created. If one business is providing services to another �A Contract for services� should be created. If you require more detailed information before making your decision the following help topics can help: Business Contract for Services

If you have a bachelor's degree and you want to get another bachelor's degree in a completely different area such as art and business do you have to take all the General Electives again?

It depends on the requirements of the University, but generally no.

What happens if I lose your att phone Am I able to get a new but different phone on the same contract or will I have to either buy another iPhone or new contract with new phone?

You stay on the contract, however your next renew date will be another 2 years.

What can be the Examples of specialty contract or contract under seal?

Examples of a specialty contract or contract under seal include property deeds and a construction contract. Another example would be business transactions.

Sales Contract?

Get StartedThis Contract can be constructed to cover the sale of goods or the exchange of services between to companies. If one business is providing goods or products to the other �A Contract for sale of goods� should be created. If one business is providing services to another �A Contract for services� should be created. If you require more detailed information before making your decision the following help topics can help: Sales Contract for Services

What is the homograph for contract?

A homograph is a word with the same spelling as another word, but with a different meaning and possibly a different pronunciation. So the homograph for contract is contract. A contract (CON-tract) is an agreement between two or more people to perform some kind of specified work. To contract (con-TRACT) has several meanings: to contract a muscle (to make the muscle tense); to contract a disease (to get or acquire the disease); to contract a word (to shorten the word or make a contraction of it.)

Hiring an Attorney for Business Contracts Agreements?

When a business wants to draft a contract with another company, it can be quite a difficult process. If a company is on edgy terms with another company, it may be even more difficult to draft a contract that is honest and ethical. Hiring a good attorney is truly critical for any business deal where a contract must be drafted. Drafting a contract for a business agreement can be a tricky business. An attorney truly must have a command of the English language, in order to draft contracts that are thorough and to the point. An attorney should seek to do his or her best in making a contract that clearly articulates the deal that has been negotiated between two parties. If an attorney fails to draft a clear contract for a business, then that business may be able to sue the attorney for legal malpractice. This is one of the worst sorts of lawsuits that any lawyer can be involved in. It is truly important for a lawyer to give his or her best efforts when drafting business contract agreements. It is always a good idea for a business to hire in-house counsel, just in case another business decides to breach the contract. Breach of contract is one of the most common claims filed in the court system. When this happens, a business can lose a tremendous amount of profits and will seek to recover such lost profits from another business. It is a good idea for a business to hire the same attorney for fighting in this sort of case that actually drafted the contract. The more an attorney has knowledge of the past history of a business, the better he or she will be able to fight for that business in a court of law. Even though in-house counsel an be expensive for any business, it truly is a wise investment. By investing in the right legal help, any business does a service in protecting its assets and profits. Without the right legal help, any business exposes itself to the risk of losing millions of dollars in a given year. It is truly to any business's benefit to work with legal counsel to draft fair and honest contracts with other businesses. When a business does this, other businesses are more likely to actually follow through with the contracts and do everything that they can to avoid breaching the contracts.

What is a chemicall reaction?

A chemical reaction is a reaction in which a substance is turned into another completely different substance

What is it when I say one word but I meant another completely different word and I keep doing this?


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How to Work On Government Contracts?

Small businesses, large companies, and even contractors can become intimidated by government contracts. Even if this is the case, many different people understand that the key to a successful business is that business' relationship with the government. Each business owner should try to understand the many different government procedures and all of the documentation requirements.OrganizationIt is extremely important to organize your business. Before you work with the government, you need to make sure that you have everything handled. Your business needs to be prepared to deal with increased client intake. You may want to start by having an acceptable capital reserve fund. This will be able to help you out when you need to deal with costs that you are not prepared for. You may also want to prepare your business by placing a hiring plan. If you need more workers in order to fill the contract that you have with the government, you need to interview different staffing agencies. You should build an important relationship with a good staffing agency. By doing so, you will be able to obtain temporary employees as fast as you can hire them.Find the Right Government Contract AttorneyYou may want to consider hiring an attorney. You should not just hire any available attorney. You need to find a government contract attorney who has had enough experience with government contracts. The government has the ability to enforce the provision of any type of contract that has been signed with them. This is why it is important to hire a government contract lawyer that can help you out with the government contract before you accept it. A good government contract attorney has the power to explain the important parts of a government contract to you in terms that you can understand easily.Register Your BusinessYou should create a business profile with two important government databases in order to get your business running. These two important government databases are the Dynamic Small business Search and the Central Contractor Registration. By doing this, your business can have guaranteed access to many new federal contract opportunities. This may be the best thing that you can do for your business if you wish to continue working for the government. In addition, if a small business is owned by a woman or another minority, that business owner can obtain an 8a certification. He or she may also qualify for a federal small business administration 8a contract. This offers many different special contracting opportunities that can help a small business grow. If the business is located in a disadvantaged area, the business owner may qualify for a HUB zone certification. This allows the business the ability to bid for areas that need economic development.

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Can you cancel a cell contract?

You can cancel your contract, but you would be subject to an early termination fee that can be hundreds of dollars. Each cellular carrier has a different cancellation fee. Another option is to run a "Google" search for "get out of my contract" and you will find various services that can help you escape your contract without paying an ETF.

Can you use the trademarked name of another company for a different type of business?

no, still not allowed, sorry

Another word for bullets shells or missiles?

First, bullets and missles are completely different. Projectile is the word you are looking for.

What is international business and examples of it?

International business is a transaction between businesses that are located in different countries, as opposed to domestic business, which is a transaction between businesses in the same country. Examples of international business activities are investing in businesses in another country, owning a retail store/distribution center in another country, owning a manufacturing plant in another country, importing from another country, and exporting from another country.

Do ventricles contract together or does one follow another?

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Can someone fire someone who works for them as a subcontractor without any notice?

This question is very broad and will depend on many factors. For example, the type of business involved might be strictly regulated and might have a different set of rules. Another important factor is the contract. The contract might specify when it can be cancelled by either party. This will generally be a matter of state law, so any local business attorney would be a better source of information.

What is the statute of limitaions for contracts in Arizona?

Arizona's statute of limitations on a written contract is 6 years. For a contract with a party in another state it is only 4 years. You need to be aware that the state law that applies could be different based on the actual contract language.

What is BPO Business Process Outsourcing?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is the process of hiring a service or process from another company (local or overseas) in order to handle different business activities.