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No, but if she defaults on the loan then you will have to pay the amount due or suffer the consequences on your credit report.

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Q: If you signed for a car loan for a friend does all theyre bad credit come on the co signers credit report?
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How does a co-signers credit for get affected if the car he signed for is reposessed?

The co-signer will also have a repossession showing on their credit as well. The co-signer is just as legally responsible for the car as the person they signed for.

Will apartment lease show up on co-signers credit score?

When the co-signer signed for the signer then the co-signer accepted the debt as his/her own. If the signer does not fulfil the terms of the lease then the co-signer will be responsible and it will appear on the credit report. If and when it effects the credit score will depend what is contained in the report now, example to many debts, not paying per the guidelines of the other debts, etc. Some credit report sites have scenerio calculators, most times they are free to use.

Your husband defaulted on his vehicle loan How will it affect your credit report?

if you co-signed on the loan then your credit will be impacted negativly just as his

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Who are solely responsible for credit card defaults?

It may not be a "sole" is everyone that signed as a responsible party (primary and co-signers) for the line of credit that was used....they are responsible to pay the charges and therefore are responsible if it is in default and the charge hasn't been paid.

If you cosign a student loan does it go against your credit?

It will be listed on the person's credit report. How it affects the report depends upon the amount co-signed for, the co-signer's personal debt-income-credit ratio, and if the primary borrower honors all the terms of the agreement, and other factors.

If you cosign an auto lease will it show on your credit report if all payments are made on time?

Yes. It shows up on your credit report as a co-signed loan. The up side is you will receive credit for a good loan on your credit report. The down side is if you apply for credit they will usually count that debt as yours since if the maker does not pay you are responsible and if they use any type of debt to income ratio to qualify that will increase your debt %.

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I co-signed a Toyota loan with my daughter. The car was in default. I was never notified. Car repossessed. I paid off the loan after I found out. How do I get it off my report?

You wait seven years from the date of the last payment. There is no other way to have it removed. Your credit report is a record of your past credit, your credit history. It will also show that you satisfied the debt, and you can add an explanation at the bottom of your report.

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