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No. The buyer assumes all liability after the title is in his/her name.

Anybody can sue anybody else for anything. The question is can the win? Will a lawyer help them? Will the judge laugh them out of the courtroom? I could probably sue you for asking this question.

2015-07-16 19:19:34
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Can you use adultery in a Divorce in Texas?

Adultery is one of the grounds for divorce in Texas. Of course you have to prove it.

What are grounds for a civil annulment in Texas?

Abusive relationship, discord.

Is wrongful removal by cps grounds for dismissal of case in Texas?

It could be grounds for dismissal if there was a wrongful removal by CPS in the state of Texas. However, an attorney will be able to file motions and answer any questions you have.

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Did they change the law for adultery in texas?

What specific law are you referring to? In the state of Texas, adultery is not an actual crime, but it is grounds for divorce (it has to be proven, of course).

What did Texas do after gaining it's independence from Mexico?

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Is adultry a crime in Texas?

No, it's not a crime, although it is grounds for divorce (of course, it would have to be proven).

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What are some grounds for divorce in Texas?

The grounds for divorce are similar to those in other states but Texas has seven main reason. They are differences that can't be resolved, cruelty, adultery, criminal conviction, abandonment, living apart and if one partner is confined to a mental hospital.

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