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In three days, no. You have to be doing it awhile to be anorexic, at least a few months. Not that I'm saying you should, don't. It sucks."I'd say if you were not eating for the sake of losing weight you might be on your WAY to having one." As the person at the bottom said.


No doubt there is SOMETHING wrong. Perhaps it would be good for you to seek professional help if for no other reason to find out the cause of your aversion to food.


Yes, this is called anorexia nervosa. It is an eating disorder where a person is terribly afraid of becoming fat, overweight, or obese. The very sight of food can make them nauseous and disgusted. It is the 1st step leading to anorexia.

AnswerYou probably have anorexia. If you've been starving yourself, i suggest you seek medical help. New Answer

No that is NOT an eating disorder. Anorexia Nervosa has other symptoms like , 15% underweight [ 17.5 bmi ] fear of gaining weight, no period.

I'd say if you were not eating for the sake of losing weight you might be on your WAY to having one.

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Q: If you starve yourself for a few days because the sight of food makes you feel sick are you considered to have an eating disorder?
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Why is it considered an eating disorder?

Why is what considered an eating disorder

Is it considered an eatting disorder if you don't eat during the day and call yourself fat?

It can be considered symptoms of an eating disorder, yes.

Is Sitophobia be considered an eating disorder?

yes, it is anorexia nervosa, and considered an eating disorder

What is anarectic?

Eating disorder where you starve yourself.

Is eating once a day considered an eating disorder?

By itself, eating once a day is not considered an eating disorder. It may not be considered by many to be the healthiest way to deal with eating and nutrition, but without much more information it is not diagnosable.

Is making yourself vomit a form of detoxing?

No. It would be considered a factor of bulimia, a dangerous and potentially fatal eating disorder.

Why do you throw up after eating and when I don't have an eating disorder?

If you are making yourself throw up, then you probably do have an eating disorder (eating disorder does not necessarily mean starving yourself), if it is coming up on its own something else might be wrong and you should go see your doctor.

Why did demi have an eating disorder?

Demi had an eating disorder because she was bullied and depressed.

Is anorexia nervosa an eating disorder?

Yes. It's when you starve yourself because you have a huge fear of gaining weight.

Is starving yourself and then eating obsessive amounts of chocolate comfort eating?

It could be considered that, but what you're saying you should probably see a doctor for. It's called binge eating and is a disorder. I hope I helped!

What kind of eating disorder is it when you starve yourself?

anorexia nervosa

Is abusing laxatives considered an eating disorder?

It can be, yes.

If you have an eating disorder is it considered a mental illness?


Is eating clothes considered an eating disorder?

I think you should see a doctor about that............................... No-psychological.

Is an eating disorder life threatening?

of course an eating disorder is life threatening. If you have an eating disorder, your body will start destroying yourself because it wont be getting the nutrition it needs to have on a daily basis. you should maintain a healthy weight. For example if you are 5'2" the healthy weight is between 110-120 pounds.

What is the eating disorder where you gorge yourself and never get full so you keep eating?

Prader-Willi Syndrome

Is it considered an eating disorder when you go hungry all the time because you can't eat what you want?

if you have to ask, then yes. take it from a bulimic.

Should you see a doctor about your binge eating disorder?

Eating disorders, such as binge eating disorder, have the potential to do harm to your body. If you feel your eating disorder is out of control, it is appropriate to see a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. This is important because while binge eating disorder itself does not pose the risk of grievous harm to the body other than weight gain, it is often caused by the more serious problem of anxiety or depression. Also, binge eating disorder can quickly escalate to bulimia, which is very harmful to the body and can result in death. However, if you are not comfortable with seeing a medical professional for your binge eating disorder, there are some support groups both online and in community centers that can help you overcome your eating disorder. This is a viable option if you have strong motivation to end your eating disorder, if your eating disorder is not overly out of control, and you have the personal strength to better yourself.

Is starving yourself to lose weight an eating disorder even if its your own decision?

Almost certainly yes. A disorder means a lack of order. Eating regularly and healthily is order, starving by choice is disorder. It's as simple as that.

How can you make yourself puke?

WikiAnswers does not encourage behavior which can be part of or lead to an eating disorder.

What do you do if someone has an eating disorder?

you should try to talk with them and help them through it. you should show them all the things they are missing out on because they have an eating disorder. you should try to talk with them and help them through it. you should show them all the things they are missing out on because they have an eating disorder.

Why is binge eating disorder rgarded the most popular eating disorder?

the reason is many girls struggle with their looks just like I do. It is probably harder to starve yourself than to purge.

Who can get a eating disorder?

Anyone who has the symptoms of the eating disorder

What is it called when you don't eat to prevent yourself from getting fatter?

eating disorder. anorexia nervosa

Which term describes an eating disorder that is charecterized by binge eating?

There is an actual eating disorder known as binge eating disorder (BED), and compulsive over-eating disorder, which is tied in with a food addiction problem.