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Yes, you can trade a car when you still owe money on it. The key is what is the difference between what you owe and what the car is worth. Dealers refer to this is being "upside down" in your trade.

If the amount isn't too much, you should be able to roll it into your next loan. If it's a lot, you may have to come up with some cash.

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Q: If you still owe on a car would you be able to trade it in for another vehicle and what would happen to the remaining balance?
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What will happen if your car is repossessed in NC?

Either you'll get your payments current plus repossession fees, or your vehicle will be auctioned off, and you'll still be liable for the remaining balance after the auction.

What can happen if car loans are not paid when there is no vehicle do to a wreck?

Then they will repossess the wrecked vehicle, sell it for what they can get, apply that to the loan balance, and you will be responsible for the balance on the loan. They will sue you in court to get it and will win. Now if you continue to make the loan payments, then none of this will happen. Did you not have insurance on this vehicle?

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Assuming the vehicle is repossesed and sold to satisfy the debt, you will still be responsible for any debt remaining after the sale. It all depends on whether the vehicle is worth more than the remaining debt. If you are "upside down" in the loan you are liable for the difference.

What might happen if you voluntarily relinquish your car to the lender and cannot afford to pay the difference in the loan balance after the vehicle is sold?

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Can you buy a car with bill of sale and lien on it?

No. And not a good idea even if it was. Yes, you can. If you are buying from a dealership (new or pre-owned) and they have taken the vehicle in as a trade-in then don't pay it off and you purchase it....someone is not going to be happy. Or, if you purchase from an individual who still owes a balance to the lienholder and never pays balance owed, again,.... someone is not going to be happy. As a previous employer of a pre-owned dealership, this does happen...BE SURE, you have the vehicle transferred to you with the seller's name and signature legible. Do a title search!! Why would anyone purchase a vehicle or take over notes and not have the vehicle registered in his or her name? DEFINETLY, not a smart thing to do.

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