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Q: If you take a pregnancy test and it come back negative but you still feel like you can be pregnancy?
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You are getting all the signs of being pregnant taken 3 tests but still coming back negative?

Sometimes your body will take awhile for a pregnancy test to come back positive. If you continue to not have a period, you should still check for pregnancy. A pregnancy test is most likely to show positive after your normal period time has come and gone.

If you don't have your period and you have have two negative pregnancy tests could there be something else wrong besides pregnancy?

Probably not. Wait for a few more months and then see a doctor if it still hasn't come back

You have Pregnancy symptoms but you are not due to start until the 26th and the tests came back negative can you still be pregnant?

Yes you could still be pregnant. Tests come back negative all the time. I would take another test, or i would go to the doctor. You may not be, but the tests can be wrong.

Can an ectopic pregnancy come back positive on a blood test?

Yes, it can. It is still a pregnancy, and does increase HCG levels

I had a miscarriage July 15 I have had a period mid July but no period all of August The thing is my home pregnancy tests come back negative Can i still be pregnant?

It is possible that you can still be pregnant. It could be still to early to tell.

Has anyone had the Mirena and ended up pregnant but the pregnancy test come back negative?

yes of course

If you get your period during pregnancy will your pregnancy test results come out negative?


Can you still be pregnant if pregnancy tests come out negative every time you take one?

that depends if ur having sex and then taking the pregnancy test

Haven't had a period since August 15th took four pregnancy test two positive and two negative can i still be pregnant?

yes of course. you probably most likely are pregnant than not.. its very rare for a pregnancy test to come back positive when its ment to be negative. However, if a negative comes back this happens a lot due to not enough hcg in your wee. Go to the doctors

Could you still be pregnant after taking 2 pregnancy test and they come out negative?

Yes. You could be testing too early.

If you take two pregnancy tests and they both come back negative and you stil havent gotton your period and you start growing a bump on your tummy is there still a chance your pregnant?

Yes and you need to go to a doctor.

I have a lot of cramping and lower back pain today. My period is 1 week late but two pregnancy tests have come back negative. Could I be pregnant?

Maybe so, some women can take pregnancy tests and show up negative , and still be pregnant. If still don't get a period in a couple of weeks, then go see a ob Dr. they could find out if your pregnant thru a blood test. Hope this helps.

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