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if they dont ask, dont tell,but they could cancel your insurance if they find out later.

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2009-04-09 03:53:04
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Q: If you take out car insurance and have had your license revoked before do you say you've had your license before it gt revoked rather than your retest date?
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Can your licenses get suspended with sr-22 insurance?

NO, It's just the opposite. An SR22 Filing does not Get your License Suspended, But rather "Failing to get the SR22 Filing from Your Auto Insurance Company" after a serious violation is what causes your license to get suspended.

Can a life insurance license help you get an appraiser license?

The licenses are regulated by the state where you live and any states where you desire to work under the license. A life insurance sales license will have nothing to do with a license to be an appraiser. They are probably controlled by to difference agencies if you are talking about a property appraiser. If you are talking about an insurance adjuster rather than appraiser then they would both be handled by the Insurance Department.

What is the statue of limitations for a suspended driver's license in California?

No such thing. Once the license is suspended, it no longer exists. You'll need to appeal to the court or see whatever other actions are necessary to get a license. A good place to start may be the local drivers license testing office. See what they suggest. They can look up your record and tell you what will be necessary to get another license. After (if) you get your license back, make sure you obey all traffic laws and you'll never have the problem again. * A license is suspended for whatever period of time that was imposed by the judge of the court of jurisdiction. A suspended license is not a revoked license and in most states the person will be notifed when the imposed suspension time has expired and given the information of the procedure needed to have their driving privileges reinstated. A revoked license can be permanent or for a lengthy period of time. If it has been revoked for a stated period of time, rather than permanently the offender will be required to take (and of course pass) the written and the road test to acquire a new license. Questions concerning either action should be addressed to the office of the clerk of the court where the license was suspended or revoked.

Do you need car insurance to transfer a car into your name. i can not drive it yet so i wuld rather not pay insurance for it to just sit. can i get it into my name without insurance?

Yes. You must have the insurance before you can legally register the vehicle.

Will your boyfriends car insurance cover the accident if your license was suspended at the time?

Assuming you were the one driving his car, yes his insurance will cover his car. The insurance company may drop his coverage for 'irresponsible behaviour' by allowing another person to drive it AND that person had a suspended license. However, your boyfriend could take you to court for the damages rather than file a claim with his insurance company. Technically, you are responsible for his car and you would lose in court.

What does revoked probation mean?

Probation is a constant monitoring of the wear a bouts and activities of an individual rather than having them in prison. Revoked probation means that they violated the trust and have been returned to prison.

Where can you get an answer to a specific question about car insurance?

AnswerWhy not call an insurance agent? Or two or three? Most will be more than happy to discuss your situation with you before you actually buy a policy. And there is no need to reveal that you already have an agent if you are just getting a second opinion. Also, your local license branch may be able to help you for free, but their knowledge is usually limited to actual legal requirements to get your license plates. Most insurance questions are not based on legality, but rather an insurance carriers policy, which can be very strict and a nightmare if you violate it. As a last resort, you can talk to an attorney, usually for a fee. But unless you are already in a legal mess, I think an insurance agent is by far your best resource.

In Pennsylvania can an employer legally ask an employee for proof of marriage or divorce before adding or deleting insurance coverage for a dependent?

Yes, it is more likely it is the insurance provider's requirement rather than the employer.

What is the purpose of island insurance?

'Island Insurance' is not a type of insurance but rather than name of an insurance company located in Hawaii. This company provides home and auto insurance for Hawaii citizens.

How Do you Get A Florida 2-20 Insurance Agent License?

The 2-20 General Lines Agent License is the highest level of licensing for a FL Insurance Agent. The license enables the agent to sell all lines of insurance, except Life Insurance, which requires a separate license. The license may be achieved by: 1. Taking a 200 hour pre-licensing course and passing the state licensing exam, or; 2. Obtaining the 4-40 Customer Service Representative license and working full-time for one year as a 4-40 CSR. After satisfying the one-year work experience, the candidate may then take the UCF/Florida Insurance University 4-40 to 2-20 Conversion Course, which is 40 hours, rather than 200 hours. Having passed the conversion course, the student is then eligible to take the state licensing exam. NOTE: The University has a 4-40 licensing course that excuses the student from taking the state exam for the 4-40 license. It is called the Registered Customer Service Representative Designation.

Does Vauxhall insurance provide car insurance?

Vauxhall insurance provides car insurance. Their insurance policies focus on the consumers needs rather than trying to fit everybody into one policy category.

Can you change insurance policy as needed?

No, a insurance policy can not be changed.....rather it may be alter by assignment ( transfer of the ownership)...

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