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First, try to be comepletly sure, after that, ask her out, if she likes you, she would be thinking "finally! he asked me out!" ^_^ Good luck!


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I think that the best thing to do is to tell him. Sure, he doesn't like you, but he deserves to know how you feel

It depends if the other girl likes him too if he likes you and the other girl and the other girl likes him back then you should let him decide who he likes best and maybe it will be you, and if not he most likely will ask you out next. if the other girl doesnt like him back just make sure he knows u like him, and that he doesnt think the other girl likes him. Hope this helps!!!

well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

get a friend to ask but it should be someone that talks to both you and the girl

well, if you really like her, ask her questions about what she like to do. then maybe you can feel more comfortable asking her on a date, if you can take her to a place, or do something she likes to do. :)

see the question "I am a goofy guy and I'm not sure when a girl likes me or something so how do i tell cause i think a girl likes me." it will tell you everyting you need to know!!!! (the tips really work!!)

If A girl likes you, she will blush, and stare at you a lot. She will sometimes avoid you too. To improve, a girl will also play fight or bee mean but if she smiles or laughs when she does it she likes u

Eventually you'll just have to ask her if she likes you or ask her out. You should see what your parents have to think about it first though.

the best thing you can do is tell her that you like her. make sure you compliment her and also ask her who she likes.

I think is that he is not really sure what he fells for you...i think by then he should know if he likes you or should be careful with that...

I don't think you should bother to find out. Run away!! Never a good situation for sure.

Thinkof a place that you think she will enjoy and take her there. if you are not sure ask her what sort of activitys she likes.

Of course you should. But make sure you do it cassually and when everything is going well, don't be cheesy and make sure you keep in mind, if she doesnt there will always be another girl out there (:

Ask friends if they think she likes you. You can also have one of your friends ask her, but don't tell them to say that you wanted to know. If you have that kind of courage, you can just ask her yourself.

ask her if she likes you back, and if she does, then i dont think that it should stop you.. make sure its ok with your parents first.

I advise that you tell her that you like her and observe how she reacts.

When he is sure he likes her.

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