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If you get your period, you're not pregnant. ---- Take the pregnancy test after your period.

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Q: If you think you are pregnant but you still have your period when is the best time to take a test?
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Can you get pregnant and your period still come?

yes you can but it is very unlikely but it is still possible because my friend was pregnant and she was on her period and she thought she wern't but she was .. so if you think you are its always best to get checked out

If you had your period 38 days ago and still no period is it likely your pregnant?

Maybe, best to get a test and check

Can you still have be pregnant with your period and still have cramps?

Yes you can still have your period and be pregnant. I have about 3 friends who told mi they had there periods for 5 months straight while they were pregnant n they still had cramp's. So the answer to that is yes best thing to do is go see a doctor asap.

Can you still have a period during early pregnancy?

if you are spotting yes you can be pregnant but its best to see your doctor to confirm if you are pregnant or not--good luck

Can a 44 year old get pregnant?

Well there is the possibility that you can be pregnant if you still get your period. Exxcept when you use contraceptives which can also be uneffective. The best thing to do is not have sex. :)

You think you are pregnant but you are on your period when is the best time to take a test or does that mean im not prego at all?

yea im pretty sure that if you got ur period then ur not prego at all. unless you had unprotected sex during your period, but i don't think you could get pregnant at that time. however if you had unprotected sex before you had ur period then i say ur ok, youre not pregnant. I don't know about all the technical stuff but i know for a fact that you DO still bleed when your pregnant. Just take a pregnance test and if you have a shelter or something that does tests for free id say that's your best bet.

Is a womens period the only time she can get pregnant?

No. You can get pregnant anytime but the best time is about 14 days before her period.

What is the best day to get pregnant after your period?

twelve to fourteen days after your period starts.

Can you be pregnant when Ovulation?

You can get pregnant during period of ovulation. It's the best or most fertile time to get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant even if the pregnancy test says no?

Yes, it is possible. Wait a few days from the last time you took a test and best to use first morning urine, and if still negative but you think you still could be pregnant or haven't gotten your period yet, then go ahead and see a doctor. That is the best way to determine. They will take blood tests from you to.

Can 10 years old get pregnant?

Yes it is very possible!!! If you have your period and then you have sex with a guy you can get pregnant! 8 year old can (if they had their period)9,10,11,12,ANYONE CAN IT THEY HAD THEIR PERIOD!!!! But if you hadn't had your period, you can't get pregnant best time to do it is when you are married!

Can you still be pregnant if your period starts out really light then heavy and then light again but is very short?

yes best bet is to get a pregnancy test.

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