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Ask him. If he is honest and loves you he'll confess. If he says no and you have no proof maybe he's telling the truth.


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No but Aphrodite cheated on Her Husband with meny guys including Ares

You can't, unless you somehow get one of them to confess. This assumes the event actually happened.

To make a husband confess of cheating, wife must first gather evidence. Once enough evidence has been gathered, confront the husband.

No, a wife can not have her husband charged with desertion if she cheated on him. Adultery is grounds for separation and divorce.

If you cheated on your husband then that means you did not love him in the first place. If you truly loved him, you would not have cheated. So in the end, basically your actions are irreversible.

Yes, he cheated on his wife and that does make him a bad husband.

yes it does husband cheated on me and i cheated on him and we both denied it for the longest time

She cheated with Ares, the god of war. But She Also Cheated With Many Other Gods

Most likely not. But it depends on the husband. Everyone is different.

She cheated on many men with her husband even when they were just married and before that

she was jealous but she cheated on her husband

well she was a jealous person but then again her husband always cheated on her she was loyal because she never cheated on him she was quite fair apart fom when seeking revenge on the mortal women her husband cheated on her with and that's all i can think of sorry

change your name and get the hell out of town

Hale wants Elizabeth to encourage her husband to confess what he has done.

Her husband, Zeus cheated on her with many human women and goddesses.

i have been in many situations like that and i find it hard to trust a person who has cheated. but it all depends on the situation

What's the problem, you didn't do anything wrong, he's the one who cheated. He's the one who has to face the music.

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