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It's possible but not very likely. The broken rod will ultimately jam the crankshaft.

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Q: If you throw a rod will engine run?
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Can you drive after car throw rod?

In most cases, no. Although, I have seen engines "throw a rod" and continue to run, poorly but not for long.

How do you know if you blew up a 4 stroke engine?

if you destroy a engine you will know, if you run it out of oil the engine could seize up or throw a rod it it seizes up, it will not turn over at all and it is pretty much a total loss, if you throw a rod you will notice a large hole or crack in the engine block and loads of oil leaking out, this too is pretty much a total loss

Will too much oil in your car cause it to throw a rod?

Too much oil in your car will not cause it to throw a rod. Too much oil in the engine will create a higher than normal engine pressure and can cause the engine seals to fail.

What does throw a rod mean?

It generally means the engine is destroyed. Because of a worn out bearing, a connecting rod separates from the crankshaft and exits out the side of the engine block causing catastrophic damage thus, thrown a rod.

What does a bad engine rod mean?

A bad engine rod is an engine rod that has misbeheaved.

How many degrees of difference are there between the throw of one connecting rod and the throw of adjacent connecting rod?


Why does the when engine knock when accelerating your 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Because you are about to throw a rod. You need to find a mechanic quick!

Why does your Briggs and stratton 5hp engine throw oil out of the overflow?

Run the car good

What determines connecting rod clearance?

The block casting. If the engine is in the vehicle this will be harder. Preferably the engine is on an engine stand and turned upside down with the block skirt facing up. Remove your oil pan and with your rotating and reciprocating assembly's installed, bar the engine over. Watch the the connecting rods as they travel, the tops of the rod bearing end (where the rod bolt caps are) will come close to the the bottom end of the cylinder. The stock crank has a throw that keeps the rods away from the cylinder so if you stroke an engine you may run into clearance issues. You may have to take the engine to a machine shop and they will relieve the block (i.e. they will remove a portion of the casting that is interfering with rod/crank rotation.

What does the term throw a rod mean?

It refers to a breakage of the connecting rod. This connects the piston to the crankshaft

Why does 93 blazer sputter after it warms up?

need to run diagnostic should throw a code is check engine light on?

What happens if you don't change the oil in your car?

Nothing at first till around 7000-12000mi over then you will notice your car doesn't run like it used to and eventually you will get a knock in your motor and a rod will throw and you will be buying a new engine. It is much better to just change your oil

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