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If you get some psychological help, get on a good diet and exercise (according to your doctor's specifications) then you can add most of that 20 years back onto your life. If you don't turn over a new leaf health-wise very soon you could suffer a stroke (lose your speech, use of your arm and leg on one side of the body or have a massive heart attack.) Also blood clots that could go to the brain and may cause you to become a virtual vegetable (meaning you could well lay in a hospital or nursing home for years before death comes. It's your choice!

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Why did dj screw die?

Heart attack from overdose of that prescription cough syrup called lean, drank and that bar.along with some probably pre-existing health problems

Can dogs overdose on dog treats?

Yes, in the same way that a person can overdose on people treats. More of an overindulgence than an overdose, but giving too many treats can lead to digestive & weight problems for sure.

Can eating too many clementines cause stomach problems?

Probably since eating too much of anything can cause problems in the stomach. It is designed to take in a moderate amount of any food, junk food is worse to overdose on however.

What happens if you take 25 ecstasy pills?

overdose , and most likely die . probably from over heating or have heart problems .who would even take 25 pills , that`s a death wish .

Can you overdose on doxylamine succinate?

Yes and it can cause all sorts of problems including rhabdomyolosis and renal failure. go to Google and type in Doxylamine succinate overdose.

Can you overdose on crystal meth?

Yes, you can overdose on methamphetamine (crystal meth). Cardiovascular problems are most common, however a large overdose can cause psychiatric problems which could be permanent or last quite a long time (on the interval of years). See the attached link which gives more detailed information from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

How many people die from antidepressant overdose?

Surprisingly few. As antidepressants are given to treat depression, medications that are particularly lethal in smaller doses present obvious problems. As such, I am not aware of an antidepressant that has a lethal dosage that isn't huge, and unobtainable. Do note however, that overdosing on anything may have unforeseen and uncomfortable effects, other than lethality.

Can you take buspar with alprazolam?

There should be no problems in small doses. Just be careful not to overdose yourself.

What will happen if around 14 sleeping pills are taken?

You can overdose and be in a coma orr in a hospital and have more problems.

Can you overdose on cholesterol medication?

no i think u shuld chk it with ur doctor....overdose of any kind of medicine may lead 2 more problems..........better consult the doctor for more information

How many ibuprofen would it take overdose?

Anything more than the recommended dose is an overdose. If symptoms appear, you should seek treatment for a possible lethal overdose. If you are considering suicide with ibuprofen, that is not a solution to your problems. If you are, please call 1-800-273-8255 and talk with them immediately.

Do you get high off of taking seroquel?

No, nor would i recommend it, overdose can cause heart problems and even land you in a coma.

What ever happened to Judith Blegen?

I heard that her career was shortened by problems with her vocal technique. But she was an exquisitely beautiful singer in her short heyday.

Is it true that eventually science will probably be able to solve all human problems?

Probably not. Humans have a knack for creating more problems for themselves.

How much Remeron will cause a fatal overdose?

A fatal overdose does not occur very often, but the following may occur if one attempts to overdose:DisorientationDrowsinessMemory problemsA rapid heart rate (tachycardia)Death is more likely to occur when this drug is used with alcohol or with other drugs. Visit the Related Link for more information.

What are symptoms of nicotine overdose?

Below is a list of symptoms that are associated with a nicotine overdose:NauseaVomitingDiarrheaStomach painsCold sweatsHeadacheDizzinessHearing or vision problemsConfusionChest painUneven or racing heartbeatSeizures

What does an Overdose of Roxy looks like?

Your body slowly slips into a coma and you will have breathing problems and snore then foam from the mouth and turn cold and blue

How many Mg's is an overdose of ibuprofen?

Maximum adult dose is 800 mg. so anything higher than that can cause gastrointestinal problems

Can you take Xopenex with Zicam?

No taking two medications together will cause a higher risk in health problems and may lead to a drug overdose

How Valium can use overdose on?

dont use Valium to overdose, the more people who do this stop it being given to those who really need it get professional help or talk about your problems. nothing is that bad, i know ive been through the worst thing and come through it

What are the symptoms of digitek overdose?

Confusion, anxiety, erratic heartbeat, erratic blood pressure, hallucination, breathing problems, abdominal pain/swelling and death.

Is lipodrene safe?

If you have no complications with your heart and you do not overdose there is no problems taking Lipodrene. But check with your doctor first. There is Caffeine in Lipodrene which can boost up your heart rhythm.

Was Michael Jacksons problems fixed?

Yes, seeing as he is now dead, his problems are probablyfixed.

What happens if you overdose on ibuprofen?

You can get internal bleeding & all sorts of stomach problems. The bottle (or the box) should tell you that it is an NSAID & what kinds of health problems ibruprofen & other NSAID's may lead to if you take too many.

What are the causes of blood in urine?

Probably diet problems.

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